Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bracket Bursting Mississippi State battles Kentucky

Late start to the day today, so a last minute preview to of the Kentucky vs Mississippi State game in the finals of the SEC tournament.

The Bulldogs met the Cats in Starksville last month in a thrilling game that brought out the best and worst of both sides. Jarvis Varnardo got into early foul trouble and their best guard was out on school issued suspension. However, the Dogs still took the Cats to overtime.

Kentucky did eventually win, to the delight of Kentucky fans and disgust of State watchers. At the closing seconds, the fans began to pelt the floor with bottles and drinks. A brawl nearly ensued and the record setting crowd could be seen screaming and yelling obscenities in an ugly sight. A post game interview between ESPN's Janine Edwards and John Calipari was interrupted and came to an early end due to the mayhem that ensued.

Today's match should be a good one. The shot blocking human eraser Varnado has been classified as the best big man in the SEC, and is definitely the best Kentucky and Demarcus Cousins has faced this year. While Varnado was in the game, it definitely put a damper on the Cats interior play. Kentucky should be able to handle this game and team despite the desperate play to get into the NCAAs by State. The home court advantage is with Kentucky and there isn't any crazy fans behind State to build their momentum this time.

Kentucky's biggest question is will they be able to come out with the enthusiasm they showed in yesterday's matchup with Tennessee. If they match that intensity, I look for the Cats to win and make a statement. If the energy is low, I look for a close battle, but still expect the Cats to take home their 26th SEC Tourney championship.

Kentucky 68 - Mississippi State 60 in a game that isn't as close as the score predicates.

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  1. Go CATS.... You have a CAT FAN in NC