Monday, March 29, 2010

Brandon Knight Recruitment Watch and Other Things of Interest

The consensus #1 recruit in the nation is Brandon Knight out of Pine Crest in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The 6'3 guard had narrowed his list down to the following schools: UConn, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse and Miami. Recent reports have Florida dropping out of the race altogether and he apparently has lost all interest in Miami and did not even visit Syracuse. That leaves his real options as UK, Kansas and UConn.

If you ask the fans or experts from any of these schools they all have him coming to their teams. The truth is that we won't know until April 14. Is Knight waiting to see if John Wall and Eric Bledsoe declare for the NBA draft? This could be a good theory. If only one of them stays then Knight could still come in as a starter because he is actually a better shooter and more of a scoring threat. But if by some outside chance they both stay then Knight will not start for the fact that Wall and Bledsoe both already know the system and are more polished players at this point.

If Wall and Bledsoe both go then I think Knight is a lock. He would start with veterans such as Miller, Orton and, in my opinion, Liggins as well. Enes Kanter, a 5 star stud power forward/center has already committed. This is going to be interesting. We will keep you posted.
Other news of the day:
  • It looks more and more likely than Jesus Christ, I mean Tim Tebow will be drafted by the Bills. He received the thumbs up from Bills HOF QB Jim Kelly. Kelly waxes poetic on Tebow as being a nice guy. Here's the real question Jimmy: Can the kid throw an accurate pass in the NFL?
  • And lastly: Oregon is going to throw some big bucks towards getting Tom Izzo to be their coach. How much money? Enough money to eclipse Calipari as the nations highest paid coach. The big question is whether or not Izzo will go. He hasn't said no. All he has said is that the job has not been offered to him yet. Of course not, Tom! No offer until the season is over buddy. I say Izzo goes unless Sparty matches the offer. Like MM said early, they have all that Nike money to spend! Let's see how this distraction plays out in the Final Four. Looks like the Tubster might not be heading to Oregon after all.


  1. Knight to KY has nothing to do with John Wall and Eric Bledsoe.

    If Wall and Bledsoe both returned, Knight would start over Miller/Dodson, despite 'experience'. He is good enough that Cal would just play 3 guards.

  2. You may be right but it's just my opinion. Knight is a a big time scorer and that is what UK needs the most right now.