Monday, March 29, 2010

Louisville Fans=West Virginia Fans

The new fashion craze in the Louisville area.
It's late Sunday night or early Monday morning, however you want to describe it, and something is keeping me up. Something has been puzzling me all day and I can't seem to get over it. Since when have Louisville fans come to love WVU so much?

West Virginia is in the same conference as UofL, making them big time Big East foes. Yet, I see a post on this blog proclaiming the happiness UofL fans have that WVU beat the Cats and I also see Facebook statuses with UofL fans whooping and hollering their praises and love for Bob Huggins and the Mountaineers. One poster went so far as making his profile picture that of the West Virginia players. WTF is going on here?

Earlier this season West Virginia basically cheated their way to beat the Cardinals. The fans also chanted "Karen Sypher" the entire game, something not heard at the UK game, and were genuinely ugly to the entire UofL team. For the entire season after that UofL fans have professed their hatred for the Mountaineers and the rowdiness of their fans. Did the Cardinal fans forget all of this? Did they take some sort of memory eraser drug? Did they forget Da'Sean Butler roasting them and that ball bouncing off Joe Mazulla's grill?

UofL fans have hated Bob Huggins ever since the good ole' days of the CUSA at Cincinatti. Louisville fans routinely complained about Huggins playing "Thug Ball" and calling him a drunk and so forth. Now Huggins is their favorite coach because he beat Kentucky. Will the Card faithful show him the same love next year on the court?

And what about football? WVU flat out owns Louisville in football. WVU is notorious for burning couches during the pregame tailgating and Louisville fans love to call them barefoot, toothless, redneck, racist hillbillies, the same dumb names that they call UK fans. I guess last night WVU were the good barefoot, toothless, redneck, racist hillbillies, right? There is actually one blogger on here that has burned a couch in the past and he is a UofL fan. I am not going to name names. (F4E).

So I will pose this question to the Louisville faithful: do you hate Kentucky so much that you would cheer for a conference rival that has actually done more harm to you in the recent past than Kentucky? Is it jealousy or what? There are teams in the SEC that I absolutely detest and would never cheer for: Florida and Tennessee. I hate them. They disgust me. If they played Louisville I honestly can't say who I would cheer for. I probably would not watch the game and I would be fine with whichever team lost. I have already stated that I would cheer for Louisville over Duke.I was cheering for Michigan State to win today because I cannot bring myself to cheer for Bruce Pearl or the criminals he coaches. I don't care what conference they are in, I hate Tennessee.

The next time that Louisville and West Virginia play each other I fully expect all of you Louisville fans to be torn between your love for the Cardinals and the Mountaineers. I expect your Facebook statuses to say, "Gee-Wiz! I don't know who to cheer for more! I love them both oh so much!" Stay classy Louisville fans, just like your Mountaineer brethren.


  1. It was thought that the Cardinals would play Duke in the second round of the NCAAs. That never happened, but if it would have - I was thinking about who I would cheer for and if it was possible for both teams to be disqualified.

    That was the only team I think I may have cheered for Louisville to beat (I would have been fine with any SEC team). Then I would have immediately washed my mouth with alcohol, rubbing alcohol, and cotton swabs.

  2. Maybe you should post this article on Facebook where people are saying they love WVU. There are two Louisville fans who check this site. Neither said anything about liking WVU. The only reason I had to pull for the Moutaineers was because a WVU win put me in first in one of the brackets. If that hadn't been the case, I would have been perfectly fine with a UK win. The only real joy I get out of UK losing is so that Boogie has to eat some of his words.

  3. T-Ferg:I did post it on Facebook last night for everyone to read and there are more than two Louisville fans that post on the blog. Most of the comments left on this blog are by UofL fans.

    Also, I am pleased to know that I effect you so much that you root for another team just to see my reaction. It gave me an ego boost. I guess all of the Louisville fans that were rooting for WVU were doing it just to get back at me.

  4. I can't speak for why other fans rooted for WVU. I try not to make ridiculous blanket statements about an entire fanbase. If you read my comments I never said I rooted for WVU because of you. The only real stake I had in the game was that I had WVU winning in one of my brackets. I said that I didn't mind UK losing because of all the disparaging comments you have made recently about elite eight appearances.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with T-Ferg. Never once in my post did I say anything about loving West Virginia. I did say I've always kind of liked Huggins, and I also said I always kind of liked Cal. It's funny you compare UL fans to WVU fans, because just about all the UL fans I know where laughing during the game talking about the redneck fights that were about to break out.

    Basically my thoughts are, I live all around absurd and annoying UK fans (and some not so absurd or annoying ones). I deal with UK fans day in and day out. I don't even know one actual West Virginia fan, so they don't bother me that much really, other than they are all hillbillies also. I love seeing UK fans lament over a loss as I posted. I also have WVU in the final 4 in one of my brackets, which was the main reason I was cheering. That and all the reasons I said I love to see UK lose big games.

    So no, I'm not a WVU lover, I'm more of a UK fan hater.

  6. I rooted for WVU because UK is my least favorite team (followed closely by Duke and that's a game where I cheer for a stadium collapse/power outage/Godzilla attack). I can't stand West Virginia or their fans, but I don't have to deal with them on a daily basis like I do UK fans. Its as simple as that.

  7. Do you guys ever think of how annoying Louisville fans are to UK fans as well? The new found love for WVU some of your fans had was downright obnoxious.