Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Hate Tennessee Round 3

Yesterday was a sluggish game for the Cats. Alabama came into what was practically a home game for UK, squared up, and hit them in the jaw, dazing players and taking the crowd out early. Fortunately for the Big Blue Faithful, John Wall stepped up, did his normal "John Wall Show" act and led Kentucky to the second round.

Today, the Cats competition is a tougher, more balanced, Tennessee team, proven to be able to handle Kentucky for the full 40. The teams split a pair of regular season games each taking their victory at home. The game is in Nashville, where The Vols are estimated to make up 20% of the fan population, but the orange is surrounded in a sea of Blue, as the Cats make up 70%. So despite this game being in Tennessee, this is a Kentucky home game and the advantage should be decidedly to them.

But the fans can be taken out of the game. An early run, or fouls on key players will immediately remove that advantage. The Cats need to be motivated. They need to come out with the intensity they had for Louisville or North Carolina. And more importantly, keep the intensity and heat on throughout the contest. So here's a list of things to keep them engaged:

Bruce Pearl: "We were 4-for-23 from 3, 17 percent from 3. We looked like Kentucky out there launching those things.” So plenty of Kentucky's own fans have said their 3 pt shoot was bad, but that's like making fun of your little brother, you can do it - but you get pissed when someone else does.

Who and Why They should be Mad: John Calipari. Cal talks about the teams shooting frequently but in the loving, caring way, awe my poor baby needs a hug kinda way. Cal needs to put a spark in the Cats and this is excellent fodder for a great thumping at the Hands of Darnell Dodson and Eric Bledoe from deep.

Scotty Hopson: Hopson, a Kentucky native from Hopkinsville, immitated John Wall after beating the Cats in Thomson-Bowling Arena.

Who and Why They should be Mad: John Wall. I want to see a John Wall dribble drive dunk and who should be at the bottom of players left behind in his wake, none other than Hopson. Wall will be making millions next year and a posterization of Hopson would sell posters quicker than an medical face mask in Japan.

Stephen Pearl: There's nothing more annoying than the coaches kid on the basketball team. Stephen Pearl's this kid on this team. Pearl can't play defense, I don't remember him dunking because I don't remember a time he has scored, and because he doesn't score, he obviously isn't shooting 3s. The guy averages 1.4 points, 1.2 rebounds, and 10 MINUTES a game! I think Stephen gets to play just to annoy opposing teams and fans.

Who and Why They should be Mad: Darius Miller. It makes me angry, I just can't see why Miller or Darnel Dodson doesn't get upset when they have to play against him. I mean, what a slap in the face that this guy can guard you?

Wayne Chism's Headband: He is the anti-Alex Tyus. Tyus (aka Predator), wears a headband 5 inches below his hair line, while Chism wears his 5 inches above. Someone told me last week that they kept expecting his headband to shoot off like a rocket during the game. Now, I can't keep my eyes of the ticking time bomb headband.
Who and Why They should be Mad: Demarcus Cousins. Demarcus Cousins should take charge and show him how a real headband is worn.

I hate Tennessee guy: I love this video. It gets me pumped up every time the Cats play the Vols. I mean, come on, their "Puke in a pumpkin" orange is awful, and they do love garbage trucks.
Who and Why They should be Mad: Anyone Not Cheering for Tennessee. Strike that, If I was a Tennessee fan and saw someone make such an outstanding argument, I would hate them too.

Stay tuned for the live blog... broadcasting mobile from O'sheas Irish Pub on Bardstown Road in Louisville, KY

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