Saturday, March 20, 2010

One Shining Moment

So I'm browsing Facebook tonight just killing time, not like anything was on TV right? What do I see on the magical facebook pages but the greatest fan page of my adult life on facebook, a fan page dedicated to the "Sample Sample" lady at Max Orient in the Jefferson Mall! Anyone who has ever even stuck their head inside the doors at J-Mall's food court has been hounded and shouted at repeatedly "SAMPLESAMPLESAMPLESAMPLESAMPLESAMPLE," all the while seeing a small piece of meat on a toothpick hanging in the air. Even more remarkable than the group actually being in existance is the sheer popularity in such a short span. The group was created on March 17th, just a couple days ago, and already there are over 4,600 fans. The group is definitely having its "one shining moment."

Oh wait, you mean there was more? Oh....Louisville played in the NCAA Tournament? Really? Did anyone bother telling any of the players aside from Rakeem Buckles or Samardo Samuels? Oh, someone told Edgar Sosa? He played like crap throwing up junk and turning the ball over? Wow...who would have guessed that. I guess there is another "one shining moment" in my life tonight. That moment is the realization that I will never have to love/hate that kid again. I can just be glad he is gone. I realize he is a young student-athlete and I try to NEVER pile on a kid who plays for my alma mater, but I'm so glad that he has moved on now, it's unreal. If I had to see him drive into a lane clogged with all 5 of the other teams players and throw up the most garbage shot on the planet, I may have just killed myself.

Say what you want about Jerry Smith (and we all know BoogieWoogie will) but the kid plays hustle defense. He had one of the worst offensive seasons I've ever seen someone have after having pretty good seasons before; however he never quit trying. the kid showed up every night and played his ass off on both sides of the ball, leading the team in steals. He had just a godawful offensive output for almost the entire season, but he never gave up.

Tonight was the perfect story to sum up the Cards this season. They got in a HUGE hole early (losses to Western Carolina, Charlotte, etc) and clawed and fought to try to come back and make it a game (or season, beating GTown, Syracuse twice, etc) but just didn't have the talent to make it happen. The team is YOUNG and just lacks a premier player playing at his peak to take them over the top. I still feel like Samuels is bound for a breakout season, and Jennings and Buckles will be good, Swop has potential, and of course Siva has a ton of potential; however none of them are where they need to be. They just didn't have it this season. The best really anyone could realistically hope for this year was realized on Selection Sunday when they made the tournament. Albeit the only real reason they made it IN was because just about everyone says this was the weakest at-large field in the history of the 64/65 team format. They needed all the help they could get but they just weren't quite good enough to get the job done.

The most energy I saw off of the Louisville bench all night aside from Buckles came when Pitino got T'd up towards the end. He looked as fiery as he's ever been. When THAT is the only energy coming from the bench, it ain't a good sign people...Pitino was so upset he didn't even give a postgame presser. Call it crying or whatever you want, but I wouldn't have much to say either if I were him.

With all that being said, best of luck to the Murray State Racers and the Kentucky Wildcats in the remainder of the tourney. This has definitely been one of the more entertaining first rounds I can remember.


  1. My thoughts on "No more Sosa" - I think this is one think a Wildcat fan and Cardinal fan can agree on - just one word "Finally".

  2. Good props to the other teams in the Commonwealth. Adios Egar! You won't be missed!!