Friday, March 19, 2010

Upset Special: Louisville Fans

So after Boogie's previous post, the SportsThat version of Fox News, as in unfair and biased. I figure you UofL fans could use some actual news - biased as it still may be. So I present This afternoon's, Upset Louisville Fans' Upsets and NCAA Special Alerts:

(12)Cornell 78 (5)Temple 65: Temple Whooo? Temple the A-10 champions and WAY over rated Owls, that's who. The Big Red of Cornell came into the game today and for once I agreed with Jay "Look at John Harrelson" Bilas- WAY underrated. Bilas said during the 89 straight hours of ESPN pre-NCAA coverage, that Cornell should have been a 3 to 5 seed. Cornell was the whitest thing on the basketball court, well since yesterdays blonde tips by AJ Ogelvy (and that include a Mark Krebs sighting in the UK game). The Big Red blistered the nets like a bad case of Herpes. They out shot the Owls 56% to 51%, out rebounded them 25-19, and stole more than just the "Just White Basketball" league's hearts by out stealing 7-3. Look out for The Red Sunday.

(6)Xavier 65 (11) Minnesota 54: Xavier is unknowly indecisive. The team has two mascots. The Big Blue Blog and D'Artagnan the Musketeer. Fittingly, they played the indecisively coached Golden Gophers of Minnesota. I guess three years ago next week, Tubby Smith snuck out of Lex-vegas for 'easier' pastures in "Sunny Minny-Soda." Kentucky fans were happy and ESPN announcers were upset. "How Dare Kentucky"..."You got what you deserved with Billy Clyde"..."I love Rick Pitino and Duke Baby"... OK so that is just what Dick Vitale says everyday but still. The sun may have been shining bright in Minnesota, but that's only because it shines off the 30 feet of snow a year they get and it's cold as balls. Tubby got the cold shoulder this year with rumors of his job in jeopardy. Now, during his teams 1st round game - breaking news comes out that Tubby wants out of Minnesota and back into the SEC - destination, Auburn. His distraction disrupts the game, his team, my bracket, and being out rebounded (14-13), out shot (34%-30%), out assisted (15-14), and out scored his team lost. It looks like Tubby just wants to work somewhere where mediocre work is accepted. This job is as similar to your gig at Georgia as it can get. Auburn doesn't know they have a basketball team either. Just show up and you will get your check -unlike your wins, recruits, talent, etc.

(2)West Virginia 77 (15)Morgan State 50: A slow Mountaineer start lead Morgan State to an early lead. But before half, West Virginia came back and stole the lead and the show. The Big (L)East as some call it, showed they could play and play well in the second half running the score up to a 27 point win. Bob Huggins has his best team in the tournament since he took the Kenyon Martin lead Cincy Bearcats to a #2 seed.

(13) Siena 32 (4) Purdue 29 (HALF): With Robbie Hummel, Purdue's 6-foot-8, 220- pound junior, averaged 15.7 points and 6.9 rebounds that coach Matt Painter said, is the team leader "that tied us together." out for the season. Siena looks alot larger and this is much closer to an (8) vs (9) than a (4) vs (13). Siena has the lead and looks strong. This could be another one of the 3 point or less finishes. ---UPDATE--- Siena blew their 5 point halftime lead and fell 15 down to the Boilermakers. They managed to come back to within 3 with 1:15 to go but eventually fell to Purdue.

These are just today's games so far. I'll be on later to give you more news on the late afternoon and evening games.

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