Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

And just that fast the first round is in the record books. What do you mean you didn't know the games started for the NCAA Tournament? No really they did. When? Tonight! Yeah (16a) Arkansas-Pine Bluff vs (16b)Winthrop. Who did you pick that on your big office pool? What, why not? I guess you watched American Idol or Lost or something. Do you have money on AI or Lost? How were you supposed to pick the winner of (1) Duke vs (8)California or (9)Louisville if you didn't first pick that Duke vs (16a) (16b) game right? Unless you just wrote "Play in Game" for the second round upset. Wow, you mean you didn't even think about the (1) seeds and just picked them. Don't worry no one else did either.

Anyways, Ak-PB won the game. So you can go back and pencil it in, as they are now lambs for slaughter against the Blue Devils - but if they somehow beat the Dukies, you better start thinking about what to do next year for your bracket, because "Winner of 16a vs 16b" just doesn't work when it comes to writing it in the 2nd (32) or 3rd (16) rounds.

But hey, now its down to the Super 64! And the games we really care about start Thursday. The way it should be in the first place.

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