Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Never too Early to Jump to Conclusions

I will take it upon myself to do the natural thing and look past both Cornell and Washington to break down Saturday's match up against the Wild and Wonderful Mountaineers of West Virginia.
Their highly unorthodox lineup is detailed below:

Guard (They only start one):
Darryl Bryant averages 9.7 ppg and 3.2 assists. He's no John Wall.
Forwards (They start four):
Wellington Smith was named after the butler in the Ritchie Rich comics. He averages 6.8 points and 4.1 rebounds. Should be a good match up for Darius Miller.

Da'Sean Butler is the closet thing to a dominant player this team has. He put up 28 points on Missouri and averages 17.5 per game. He is only 6-7 so I can see Boogie or Black Kool Aid containing him without much effort.

Devin Eubanks is the team's leading rebounder, averaging 8.3 per game. He also puts up about 12 ppg. Again, Patterson and Cousins should be able to limit his contributions.

Kevin Jones averages 13.6 and 7.2 rebounds.

The Mountaineers start 4 guys who are taller than 6-7 but the cats are the tallest team in the nation, so the rebounding situation should be very close. The good guys will need Orton and Stephenson to log some productive minutes if they are going to own the glass.

Look for Wall and Bledsoe to have huge games. WVU simply does not have anyone who can hang with either of them in transition. Huggy bear will try to slow things as much as possible by forcing UK into half course sets. If the outside shots are falling like they did New Orleans, this could easily be a blow out.

On a less important note, I have given Connie Marshall my endorsement for Mayor of Louisville.


  1. Is it just me or is that Lady Mountaineer kinda hot?

  2. Google will start putting Ann Coulter ads on the website again.

  3. I am guessing 2Hot's Jim Bunning article started the Coultergeist links?

  4. If Connie Marshall isn't elected as mayor I am leaving this city forever

  5. By they way: If Kentucky loses to Cornell we can blame it on 2Hot for looking past them. Just sayin'

  6. If Connie Marshall doesn't win, it is because the vote was fixed and she will sue.