Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Hate Tennessee: East Tennessee State Edition

OK, rather its the puke in a pumpkin orange Tennessee Volunteers or Kentucky's 1st round opponent, East Tennessee State. Tennessee is Tennessee and Hate is Hate. Typically we focus our hatred towards the likes of Memphis - mainly for saying such mean things about John Calipari - and UT for just being jerks and looking like garbage truck drivers. Today, I decided to devote some attention to the lesser known Buccaneers in this ETS edition of I hate Tennessee.

Because they are Pirate Predators: So looking through their media guide - ok their website, I came across this picture displaying the team chemistry and back-to-back "A Sun" championships. But every team must have their own version of the John Wall Dance, I realized "Bucky" the Buccaneer was doing his version.

Because every team needs a D-Bag: This fo-hawk and chin-beard, meets ETS's NCAA quota for both. Adam Sollazzo, like many of the Bucs plays frequently so you're likely to get a chance to see if the fawk is at full crest tomorrow.

Because Louisville's Jerry Smith doesn't look old anymore: This 22 year old may not have much hair remaining, but the Junior still has one more year of college ball to go. Micha is a staple in the starting rotation and the 215 lb 6'4" guard will be guarding Wall/Bledsoe, although it may be from half court as they run right by him.

Because They have their own Wayne Chism: I have nothing against headbands, but when you are pasty white and the headband fades into the your forehead backdrop, you really should think about not wearing one. Returning player Mike Smith ignores that advice and sports his Wayne Chism "About to Pop" style, even though its hard to tell.
And besides, it's Tennessee. The way I see it is that their fans cheer for UT when ETS isn't play. These would be the same obnoxious, hound dog having, pick-up driving, flannel short wearing, drug running, snitches we see 3-4 times a year in Football and Basketball.

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