Thursday, March 11, 2010

We Know Something: Louisville Isn't Very Good

Yeah, I know they beat Syracuse twice. But for some reason Louisville really can't beat the teams they are supposed to beat. Come to think of it, they really can't beat the teams they aren't supposed to beat either (two times is the exception). They have three good wins this season: Syracuse, Syracuse and Notre Dame. That's it.

A 54-33 rebounding edge towards the Bearcats is astounding. What was also astounding was the 12 point lead that Louisville let gradually slip away in the second half. The first half was all Louisville all the time. Sosa looked like a man possessed out on the court. He was hitting just about everything he put up from layups, to three's to mid-range jump shots. Terrence Jennings and Samardo Samuels were scoring easy buckets under the basket and Louisville's match up zone looked stifling.

On the other end of things Cincinnati couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. For a team that only shoots 29% from the three point line, the Bearcats came out shooting almost exclusively three's. The ended up shooting 22% for the game from beyond the arc. Louisville had shut down the middle with their two big men. On top of jacking up the trey, Cincy was getting off awkward looking jump shots that weren't even close to going into the basket. But they were grabbing the ball two or three more times on second chances. Those second chances weren't falling. Louisville was 50% from the field and Cincinnati was 31%

They started falling in the second half. Cincinnati looked more comfortable and confident. Louisville's swagger started diminishing. Cincinnati was getting every rebound. Louisville was missing every shot. The tide had turned.

Louisville had plenty of chances. They were in the bonus well before Cincinnati and had opportunities at the free throw line, they just couldn't convert. They were 8-14 from the line and shot only 57%. "Big Shot" Sosa was a putrid 3-8 from the line and missed some crucial charity shots near the end of regulation.

Sosa, to his credit, had a fantastic game besides the free throw shooting. He had 28 points, leading all scorers. Samuels added 13 and Reginald Delk has 16. The hero from the Freedom Hall Finale, Kyle Kuric, ended up 0-1 (air ball from 3), 0 points in 15 minutes played. Cincinnati had four players in double digits with Yancy Gates leading them with 16.

So does Louisville belong in the Big Dance? Absolutely, no question. What seed will they get? I am thinking they will be getting a 9-11 seed. How far will they go? Good question. The only time they have really put together a decent win streak was after the humiliating loss to St. John's. After that game they won three in a row against Syracuse, Notre Dame and DePaul. They had won five in a row earlier this season but that was against the likes of Radford and Oral Roberts. The likelihood that they could put together some type if amazing streak in the NCAA tournament is highly questionable.

They finished up the season 2-3 in their last 5 games. They go into the tournament and will face a decent but not great team. They could get bounced out the first game or they could go all the way to the Sweet Sixteen. I would call a Sweet Sixteen appearance for this team a victory because I don't think they have the talent to go that four. The likeliest scenario is that they make it to the second round and bow out. They just aren't that good.

Side Note: I didn't receive any phone calls, text messages or Facebook posts last night professing the greatness of Louisville and how they are going to win the Big East and then make it to at least the Elite Eight. I also didn't hear any ridiculous statements about how Louisville is now better than Kentucky and would beat them for sure if the two teams faced off again. Amazing how minds can change and people can flip-flop from game to game.


  1. List specific examples of people who claimed that Louisville would win the Big East Tourney, make it to the Elite Eight, or beat UK. The way your last paragraph reads, you were directly targeted by hundreds of UofL fans after we beat Syracuse on Saturday.

  2. I did not target hundreds of UofL fans. I had certain individuals that did leave me texts, Facebook wall posts or voicemails stating those things as well as people I work with. I was targeting those individuals. I am not going to name those individuals.

    One individual posted on my Facebook wall something like, "I hope UK makes it to #1 again so if we meet in the tournament so we can beat two teams that have been #1." I said, "Don't count on it." And the individual then replied, "What, UK being #1 again or them meeting in the tournament." You can actually go look at that one.

    There are Louisville fans that I work with that were swearing up and down that Louisville is hitting their stride and would beat UK if they played again.

    My own brother has told me he thought Louisville could win the Big East tournament.

    And I recall you being one of them the first time Louisville beat Syracuse. I texted you that UK had already beat Louisville and you texted something to the affect of "I'm not sure that would happen again". I now wish I would have saved the text.

    Those are just a few.

  3. Yes, I do remember after UofL beat Syracuse the first time you texted me explaining how good UK is and that they were better than UofL. It sounds like some of these people might make exaggerated statements after you pick fights with them.

  4. I did not pick a fight with you. All I said was that it was good that UofL beat Syracuse because UK would go up in the rankings. You then made a negative comment about UK and that is when I said UK still beat UofL and then you made your comment. I didn't pick a fight at that time nor did I pick a fight with any of these other people.

  5. All I know is that the radio show is going to be awesome. With conversations like this then three hours may not be enough time to cover everything.

  6. Me too. let's have a pissing contest later.

  7. I think the "Side Note" is the definition of Fight Picking, like "Scratch the inside of my nose" is the definition of Nose Picking.

    The most obnoxious UK fan I know just showed up, just saying'

    Side Note: I believe if you dont talk trash, people dont talk trash back...aka Karma. Things come around and go around. Last year at this time UK was looking at an NIT berth... and for some reason, I didn't receive any crap nor did I (or do I) receive any text, calls, facebook messages etc. when UK sucks. Maybe it's not the opposing fans, but the fan himself.

  8. I wasn't fight picking I was making a statement. A statement that is a fact. And what was obnoxious about it? It wasn't like I was saying the Cards suck or anything. Ok, I kinda was. But what's the big deal?!

  9. And, Monster Mash, you don't receive any calls or texts because nobody likes you. That's fight picking. Just sayin'

  10. Thanks for writing this, it brought a tear to my eye.

  11. Your mom calls me, just not to pick fights