Saturday, March 20, 2010

They are who we thought they were: Wake Forest

Oh no! We have to play Texas... the number one team in the nation 8 weeks ago. Crap, this bracket sucks! Wait, it's not The Longhorns? No, we don't have to listen to "Hook'em Horns"? Sweet, but outside of being in the ACC - the second worst big 6 conference (pre-NCAA's) in the country - who are these Demon Deacons?

Located: Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Now, I'm not sure if the cigarette was name for the town or not, but really? They're a little over an hour drive from Duke, NC State, and North Carolina - but light years behind them in sports history.

Mascot: Demon Deacon. Apparently a campus Frat idea, designed after to be a Baptist Deacon, the Mascot is supposed to be more dignified than other mascots. To me however, they may have failed. It looks more like ex-Georgia Tech coach Bobby Cremins than a Baptist Deacon. Seriously, just picture him with that hat on.

Best Player: Tim Duncan. Perhaps the best college basketball player of all time to never win a NCAA title. Yeah, that's debatable - but Timmy was put out in 1996 by Kentucky in his senior season. Tim Duncan went from that game into World Championships in the NBA and Olympics - while Kentucky went from that game to a NCAA Championship. I'll take the NCAA's any day.

Most Loved Alumni (not named Tim Duncan): Sure I could have selected Chris Paul, but Muggsy Bogues is the shortest NBA player in history at 5'3". He was the face of the Charlotte Hornets and how can you not love a guy that can split a double team by going through Shaq's legs?

Most Hated Alumni (not named Tim Duncan): Notorious for his horrible game calling, annoying announcing, and making the NCAA tournament intolerable when he was behind the mic, Billy Packer takes the honors. Famous for his grilling of NCAA chairman Myles Brand for selecting too many Mid-Majors in the 2008 NCAA Tournament, Packer is a jackass deserving of not having his contract renewed. Since his departure, the best even in sports, has been even better.