Thursday, March 11, 2010

Unpopular Opinions...

Syracuse Isn't That Great

Some guy named Eric was filling in as host on the Colin Cowherd show yesterday. During an interview with Doug Gottlieb, he asked if Doug would take Kansas and Syracuse or the field to win the NCAA tournament? Both decided to take Kansas and Syracuse. Syracuse is a top 5 team, but doesn't deserve to be on a tier above everyone else. The orange are 3-3 against the next top 5 teams in the conference and had to play 4 of them only once. Syracuse had the easiest Big East schedule and beat only one team outside of conference that is in the tournament, although florida still has a chance to make it.

96 Teams in the NCAA Tournament Might be a Good Thing

The NCAA tournament is the best thing in all of sports exactly the way it is, but I'm not completely against 96 teams. From a UK fans perspective, last years team didn't really deserve to make the tournament because of bad play all year(thanks alot Gilispie.) But when a team makes the NIT, the season is basically over. If your team wins the NIT, you can't celebrate and have no bragging rights. If last years Kentucky team made the NCAA tournament as an "at large" due to expansion, there would have still been a chance that Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson have a couple of great games and pull off an upset. Even if they lose in the first round, it's still more fun than going to the "elite" eight of the NIT. You could also keep it from watering down the regular season by making regular season conference champs automatic bids just like tournament champs. Just saying.

Jerry Tipton is Correct, Florida Basketball Fans are Best in the SEC

Jerry Tipton of the Lexington Herald recently stated that the best basketball fans in the SEC are the Gator fans. If you think about it, Florida sells out every game and fills up their opponents gyms when playing on the road. You may not notice it, but Tim Tebow is a representative of the Florida fan base and his omnipresence allows them to be accounted for everywhere, at all times.


  1. Florida may sell out their home games, but they don't go see the games.

    The highest attendance was 12.6k this year - against Kentucky - average home attendance was 10.9k.

    You can't be the best fans when the stadium only holds 12k and you dont go. Kentucky had 22,000 attend a pep rally this year... >2x more than Florida can get to a game.

  2. What happened to "quote of the day?"

  3. Do you have that picture of Tebow hanging in yor roon Coury?