Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Raiders: Where Careers go to Die

"This is where I will be for the rest of my career. Big Al doesn't like me anymore."

  • Monster Mash will be happy: The Oakland Raiders are in hot pursuit of Eagles QB Donovan "I will never win a Super Bowl" McNabb. Al Davis also attended Syracuse, as McNabb did (waaaaaaayyy back when they were good) so they have that in common. Which is nice. This is bad for McNabb. I have always liked him I think he deserves to go to a contender so he can compete for a Super Bowl. I wish Brett Favre would retire so McNabb could go to the Vikings and then we can all watch the Packers Fans heads explode. If Donovan goes to Oakland we will all have to watch the disintegration of a once great player. In similar news JaMarcus Russell will still sit the bench no matter what.
  • Sunday night is opening night for Major League Baseball (I can hear your shouts of joy from here, F4E) and what better way to open it than with the Sox vs. the Yanks. An even better way will be watching aces C.C. Sabathia and Josh Beckett duel it out on ESPN. Beckett and the Sox are closing in on an extension that would keep the right hander in Bean Town. Hooray for The Nation.
  • If the Oakland Raiders have issues then I'd say the Pittsburgh Steelers have traumatic issues. Aside from Big Ben's legal woes, wide receiver Santonio Holmes is in some hot water. A woman is suing Holmes for assault and battery for throwing a glass at her in a night club. Holmes has also been arrested in the past for domestic violence and possession of Marijuana. Kicker Jeff Reed is facing disorderly conduct and public drunkenness charges. Who the hell do these guys think they play for, The Ravens?
  • In other news Cole Aldrich declared for the NBA draft. Bobby Knight is now crying because he won't be able to cover his favorite player in the NCAA anymore. He was a third-stringe All-American. Nobody really cares because he sucks.

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