Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cards still to be delt Big East opponent

Pitino's Flying Kyle Kouric's will be in action tomorrow night against the winner of tonights 9:00pm game featuring Cincinnati vs Rutgers. Louisville has faced each team already this season, playing both teams once during regular season play, each time coming away with the victory.

A nerdy look at the Dirty Cards came up with a few interesting stats that I think help lead the way for Louisville to see their second win against the Scarlet Knight's or Bearcats:
  • Play like they're at home. The Cards are 4-5 on the road in conference this season with three of their wins coming against the Big East bottom (#15Providence, #12Connecticut, #16DePaul) and 7-2 at home. This game isn't a true road game, but it isn't Freedom Hall. The other win - Syracuse - but we've seen the Cards just owned them this year, home or not. If they step up and play like its Denny Crum Court, Cards win.
  • Free SamSam : When Samardo Samuels has 6 or more free throws, the Cards are 14-3. When he shoots less than 4 the Cards are 2-6. Why the disparity? Free Throws equal shots taken. When he takes shots, he is getting the ball. The offense goes through the middle and he's the middle.
  • Small side dish of Sosa: The Cards are 16-4 when Sosa has more than 4 Assist. When sosa has less than 4 assist, the cards are 4-7. (0-5 away from Freedom Hall). Assist mean he's getting the others involved and is being a point guard, not a shooting guard that brings the ball up the court. 
  • Tell Kyle Kuric that they are closing Madison Square Gardens, then pat him on the butt, and tell him to do his thing.
The Cards matchup better against the Knights but will again have their hands full against the Bearcats. Its a close game in favor of the Cards can check off one of the above, its All Cards if get more than one bullet.

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  1. I expect the Cards to play well and win by double digits. But then again, it's Louisville. They could get blown out by 25.