Monday, August 30, 2010

UofL fills a Hole with...Mark Jackson, Jr.?

This is the only picture I could find and I am not sure it is even him.

Who? Exactly. No, he is not the son of former NBA guard Mark Jackson...wait...yes, he is. There is nothing on him on or According to Jody Demling's Twitter he is coming as a walk-on.

In my estimation? Pitino is doing everything he can to fill holes (insert joke here). With Roburt Sallie and Justin Coleman out, the Cards are low on players. But high on STD's. In all seriousness: they are going to be awful. Inagural game in the new arena goes to Butler. Bank on it.


  1. Your an idiot, they are going to be better than UK. Bet on it

  2. UK gets all this vs hype and can only make it to the elite 8. Who cares really? How many times has Louisville made it to the elite 8 in last five years. Twice! uKs recruiting class this year can't touch last years. Not to mention no leaders like Patterson already on the team and your pro center from Greece is just that Pro and will not be eligable. Here's my question, what's Coach Cal going to do when he gets beat in the first round of ncaa and none of his one and dones are ready to come out. How are there going to be enough scholarships available for next years crop of student athletes, ha ha ha, I mean minor league class. That should be fun to watch