Monday, August 30, 2010

Randall Cobb Talks Louisville

Remember back early this summer when an unnamed UofL player threatened to break Cobb's legs? No? Well he sure does.

I've been blogging my butt of today but there has been sooooo much to get to. Rivalry week is huge, no need to explain anymore.

Here is a video of Cobb discussing the improved passing attack of the Cats and what he expects from Louisville. Highlights:

  • Louisville may be fast but not as fast as Strong's defenses at Florida.

  • The Cards will be more prepared than in the past.

  • The Cards will blitz and the O-Line is ready for it.

  • The rivalry is more heated now than in the past.

  • Hartline has more experienced receivers with play making abilities.

  • Cobb's eyes are green and mesmerizing. In a very masculine way.

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