Friday, September 17, 2010

Two Blow Outs Likely to Occur

Akron is about to get handled but their mascot is awesome.

The University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville are in similar but vastly different situations this Saturday. How so? They will both be a part of a blow out but Louisville will be the one getting blown out and Kentucky will be doing the blowing. Wait, that doesn't sound right.

Akron @ Kentucky- Kentucky will continue it's tour of cupcake domination at 7 p.m. at Commonwealth Stadium. Louisville and WKU were already defeated handily by the Cats. Cupcake #3 is up next. The Zips are 0-2 with losses to Syracuse 29-3 and Gardner Webb 38-37. I had no idea that Billiy Gillispie was now the football coach at Akron. Syracuse nor GWebb either have the talents that UK has on offense or defense. Especially offense. Cobb alone might score from three different positions. Chris Matthews does wonderful political analysis and is emerging as a huge threat.

Since I know that the Cats will put up big points I would like to take this opportunity to speak to the defensive side of things. Defense: You have been less than stellar. You let Louisville, which has one of the worst offenses in all of the Big East which means one of the worst offenses in all of football, put up 16 points. You then let WKU put up 28. I don't want Akron to see the end zone on Saturday. I'll take a field goal or two but not TD's. Let's go out and dominate.

Prediction- Akron 3- Cats 54. Cobb and Locke should be in the locker room resting up by halftime. But let's not look past these guys...ok, we can. Let's get ready for Florida.

Louisville @ Oregon State- The last time the Beavers met the Cards they met them with a 61-10 thumping at the hands of Brian Brohm at the Oven (smirk). Those days are long gone and now the Cards are left with Charlie Strong and his current team of awful players. Strong has still not impressed for reasons I outlined on Sunday and I don't think he will get his shot here.

The Beav's are going to have revenge on their mind and it is tough to win in Corvallis. They are 0-1 with a 30-21 loss to #5 TCU in Dallas, so it's not like they lost to a slouch. After Louisville they face Boise State, so something tells me that they are going to want to make a statement against a lesser opponent to gain confidence: enter Louisville. The Beavers are favored by 19. Yes, you read that correctly. Head coach Mike Riley made a tongue in cheek comment earlier this week when he stated, "This is our Super Bowl." Obviously coach doesn't think that this is a Super Bowl caliber opponent. He is trying to pump his kids up and trying to make sure they don't overlook the completely over matched Cards. This should be an ugly, ugly game.

Prediction- OSU has speed, depth and incentive to win big. Cards 10-OSU 38

Sportsthat will be at the UK game Saturday. We will be spending all day and night in Lex Vegas, taking in the local fun. One or more of these things will happen:

A). Boogiewoogie gets arrested for running onto the field to give Randall Cobb a high five

B). Monster Mash falls in love with an Akron cheerleader, gets her number, has one awkward conversation on the phone with her and never talks to her again

C). Coury Flurry goes into a frat house party uninvited, starts a fight, and then we south end boys end up whipping some fraternity butt

D). Monster Mash makes an inappropriate comment to one of the beautiful SEC dress girls and her 350 pound, solid rock boyfriend puts him in the hospital.

E). Boogiewoogie continues his amazing streak of meeting random people, meets John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins in downtown Lexington, goes VIP all over everybody in downtown Lexington

It should be good times. Follow us on twitter for awesome updates.


  1. Boogie goes VIP all over everybody in downtown Lexington. I thought Boogie only went VIPee on himself and CouryFlurry's closet?

  2. You are talking about urinating, aren't you?