Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free Enes: You Heard it Here First

Yes, all of BBN is up in arms over the Enes Kanter article that has rocked the Commonwealth. As in usual fashion, UK supporters have come out in droves to back Kanter, his family, his team and his school.

Monster Mash laid out a fine article detailing the New York Times report, the "reporter", the implications, the falsehoods and the ramifications, so I will not bore you by regurgitating those details once more.

What I am on here to do is to straighten something out. "Free Enes" has become a rallying cry that fans have all gathered around to voice their support. It's all over KSR and Twitter (the latter being thanks to DeMarcus Cousins) and there are now t-shirts with the phrase. Who came up with this phrase? Yours Truly. Here is the link to the original story written on August 25, 2010.

I also tweeted on the same day this little nugget. The focus here is obviously hoping that Kanter is eligible to play for the Cats this year. But an equally tragic situation is that I, along with Sportsthat, are not getting our due credit.

Those of you profiting off of the Free Enes campaign, I am expecting checks in the mail. And you're welcome.

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