Monday, September 13, 2010

NFL Musings: Mike Vick Edition

Can't we let Mike Vick back into society? Look, he loves dogs! He isn't electrocuting or drowning this one at all!

Yesterday was by far the best day of 2010 so far. Aside from my wedding day. It was NFL kickoff Sunday and boy was it awesome. Let's get to the most important things:

  1. Mike Vick is Back- Eagle's starting QB Kevin Kolb went down with a concussion yesterday. Kolb was 5-10 for 24 yards before he went down. Eagles fans were relentlessly booing him for his ineffectiveness. It looked as if the McNabb trade was dumb and I could have told you that. The Eagles were down and then in comes Mike Vick, the bane of the Packer's existance. Vick was 16-24 with 175 yards in the air and a touchdown pass. He also added 103 yards on the ground for his 10th 100 yard rushing game. He brought the Eagles back from a 20-3 deficit and I believe they would have won if he was the starter. But Andy Reid has already come out to say that Kolb is the starter when he comes back. This is coming from the same coach that burned up 2 consecutive timeouts for no reason at the 5 minute mark, leaving his offense with no timeouts at the end of the game. I think McNabb wasn't the only problem in Philly.

  2. The Lions were Robbed- I was watching the Bears/Lions game and saw what I thought to be a spectacular play made by back-up QB Shaun Hill and stud WR Calvin Johnson to end the game. The Lions seemingly won the game 20-19 but Calvin's end zone grab was ruled incomplete even though he caught the ball, had both feet in, and made a football move to secure the catch. Why incomplete? After the play was over the ball came out of his hand when it hit the turf. Again, after he had displayed the 3 criteria that makes a valid catch. The ref sited he did not continue the play. Apparently Johnson had to get up with the ball or at least show more security. But a running back can lose the ball out of his hands as long as the ball crosses the plain. He had possession, the ball crossed the plain, the Lions got screwed.

  3. The Pats are Back- Brady put up BIG numbers against the Bungles (yes, the Bungles) and Wes Welker had two TD's in his return. The Pats beat the Ochocinco/TO Show at their own game by spreading the ball around and putting up 38 points. Ochocinco was the only player of the dynamic duo to score. Carson Palmer threw the ball 50 times and that is not how to beat Tom Brady. Watch out AFC East, the champs are here. And Randy Moss is already being a jerk.

  4. The Colts will not Win the NFC South- Look out Indy. Houston and Tennessee are looking to dethrone the champs. The Texans beat the Colts and the Titans laid a whooping on the Raiders. Something tells me that Peyton Manning is not going to be the AFC South Champ this year. It's about time. I'm sick of watching the personalityless Colts win every Sunday and go deep in the playoffs. They are boring. Time to move on.

  5. Dallas is Overrated...Again- The best offense not to win squat lost yesterday and failed to score more than one touchdown. Tony Romo looked bad. He was missing receivers and was being rushed by the Washington defense. It's not like the Redskin's offense looked that much better but it was good enough to come out with the W. Everybody is picking Dallas to be at the Super Bowl in their home stadium. I highly doubt it. I see the exit of Wade Phillips and possibly Tony "I can't seem to convince everybody that I am actually very mediocre with my play" Romo.

That's all for the NFL for now. Two big games on tonight. I hope to see the Ravens quiet down the Big Mouth Jets. I hope Ray Lewis commits his second homicide on Mark "Trent Dilfer" "Sanchize" Sanchez. Not really. But Kinda, yeah.

And the Chargers are going to show what they are about post-LT. They really should route the Chiefs. But stranger things have happened.

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