Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ravens to Jets: Shut Up

I had no idea that Fat Bastard from Austin Powers coached the Jets.

There was so much preseason hype around the New York Jets you would think that they were the New York Yankees, even though the last time (and the only time) they won a world championship was 1969. You could've fooled the talking heads. Everyone was following the Big Fat Pied Piper that is Rex Ryan. He rivals Flava Flave as the all time greatest hype man. The defense was supposed to be staunch, the run game was supposed to be potent and Mark Sanchez was supposed to break out.

Well, one out of three isn't bad. The defense for the Jets was everything it was supposed to be, the Ravens only scored 10 points, but it bent just enough in the end because the Jets offense was terrible and couldn't stay on the field. The D was tired and it showed by the Ravens grinding it out on the ground with Ray Rice and Willis MacGahee. The Jets were also committing tired penalties against the Ravens receivers.

Joe Flacco had a so-so game. He fumbled and threw an interception but threw for 248 yards, 110 of them to his new best friend Anquon Boldin. T.J. Hoshebfjebnub also had a good game by drawing penalties toward him by outrunning the Jet's DB's. The only thing they could do to slow him down was grab a handful of jersey.

And then there was the Sanchize. I can't believe how awful he was. 78 yards passing. That was it. Ray Lewis and company were all over the Sanchize all night long. He couldn't breath and aside from a few LT runs, the whole offense looked like the University of Louisville's. Shon Green fumbled twice and couldn't catch a pass.

Hopefully now everyone will quit talking about the Jets going to Dallas. I can't believe that people actually bought into blowhard Rex Ryan. They backed into the playoffs by beating a Colts team that basically forfeited and a Bengals team that had clinched the division and was resting their starters. They stunk last year and they stink now. I hope the Patriots beat them by 30 next week.
Whatever criticism the Jets get they deserve it. From HBO's Hard Knocks to their silly proclamations, they put a Super Bowl sized target on their backs and they will pay for it. You can't run your gums about being champs if you aren't the champs. I believe Drew Brees and the Saints have a little something to teach the Jets about how to win with humility.

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