Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Professional Football News and Notes

Let's take a break from college football and talk some professional football. As you all may know I am thoroughly ready for UK at Florida on Saturday. I will be doing a special dedicated to the state of Florida tomorrow. Stay tuned for tons o' fun with that. But until tomorrow and then my predictions on Friday, let's talk a little NFL shall we?

  • Andy Reid may look like a walrus but he's no dummy. He is starting Mike Vick instead of Kevin Kolb this Sunday against the Jaguars, as well he should. Vick is 1-1 this season but might have been 2-0 IF he had started against the Packers. All he has done in one and a half games is throw for 459 yards, 3 TD's, have a QB rating of 105.5, no INT"s and a completion percentage of 63.8%. The word for this to coach Reid is: DUH.
  • Braylon Edwards is a moron. After the former Wolverine (that explains a lot) was run out of Cleveland for dissing King James' posse in a night club and getting arrested, he has now gotten arrested in New York for a DWI. What's so dumb about this? The team provides players with a luxury car service that is free of charge and can pick them up at any time, day or night, and he still decides to drive home. He will be playing Sunday but he will not start. He still may be suspended from the league. I like your beard.
  • Brett Favre sucks and doesn't care. That is all.
  • It looks like karma is still playing havoc with Reggie Bush. The Saints running back is out with a broken fibula for at least 6 weeks. They say he may return but we will see if he is 100%. Bush may not light up the stats but he adds a dynamic to the Saints offense that teams have to look out for. Opponents game plan around Reggie Bush.
  • We all know Al Davis is bat-crap crazy and that is why when he said that Jason Campbell looked like Jim Plunkett we all kind of smirked and rolled our eyes at the old kook. Now Campbell is being replaced as a starter by journeyman Bruce Gradkowski. The Raiders suck again and them being the trendy pick to sneak up and win the AFC West was just that, trendy and nothing more. Until Davis croaks the Raiders will suck. And when he dies I fully expect to hear and see everybody talk about him like he was Mother Theresa just like George Mother Flippin Steinbrenner. God, I hate the Yankees.

Quick UK Notes (don't act like you're surprised by this):
  • Urban Meyer is in love with Randall "Legend" Cobb.
  • Big Blue Madness is slated for October 15!!! ESPNU will be broadcasting from Rupp Arena because Big Blue Madness is a nationally recognized entity, kind of like July 4th.
  • Joker Phillips is a better recruiter than Charlie "Jesus Christ" Strong. Don't believe me? Check it out.
  • Derrick Locke leads the SEC in yards with 372 and 5 TD's. The line needs to give this speedster some light on Saturday night. Poetry.
  • Mike Startline's 2010 stats: 680 yards, 5 TD's, no INT's, no fumbles, QB rating of 170.16, completion percentage is 72% which is 8th in the entire NCAA. Let's see if he can keep it up Saturday. Can we say Heisman? No, we can't. I just want him to beat Florida.
  • Free Enes


  1. Um...just a heads up, you may want to check somewhere else other than KSR for factual comparisons on all things UK/UL. Strong has picked up THREE commits this week alone (which is 3 more than joker has all month) which moved him to 27th and Joker to 29th on's rankings. If you look at Rivals rankings, the majority of UL's class hasn't even been evaluated, which skews the ratings. So, actually, Strong is doing better than Joker. It's all about perspective.

  2. Favre, it looks like your UL fans are turning on you

  3. Actually, that was a ThunderStick article...but it is still an example of Cards beating down Cards fans

  4. Louisville #46-UK#28 #25 and they stop after #25. This is of right now at 6:38 a.m. Thursday morning. There was one sight that has UofL ranked ahead of UK. Sorry if ONE was not up to date. In the end I still think UK will rank ahead of the Cards in 2 out of the 3 categories.

    But that's next year. What's going on right now? I think Monster Mash did a fine job of laying out those points. Congrats on your "moral victory".

  5. Actually, Boogie...Rivals isn't as up to date, if you're going to play that card. 5 of the UL commits haven't been rated by the site yet...and to be fair 2 of the UK ones haven't either. When you haven't even evaluated all of the commits, how can one accurately judge a class? UK has ZERO commits since August, and three have commited since the "moral victory" as you call it this past weekend...3 solid players out of Florida actually.

  6. Good for Strong. I doubt Joker is finished recruiting and again, I am going by what I see on Rivals, ESPN and Scout. UK is beating them in 2 out of 3 plus the commitment from a 3 star wide receiver from Birmingham that Strong was recruiting as well. That was a head to head recruit that Joker won.

  7. And your point about the "head to head recruit?" Since Klown is gone, we are actually recruiting talent against legit schools and not barely D1 schools like Tulsa and Temple and Tulane. Here's a short list of "head to head" recruits Strong "beat" Joker out of, DaMarcus Smith, Ryan Mack, Jalen Harrington, Jamon Brown, Jerrell Moore...all had offers from UK and Joker.

    Now that we have once again have a competent coach, we are going for the players we SHOULD be going for, and that means we're gonna be going after a lot of the same players...pretty much every player either team goes for UK or UL, they're gonna be competing with each other to get.