Saturday, September 4, 2010

Its About That Time... Cards vs Cats!

So we've written, talked, and drooled over this game for weeks now, and it is here. The faces on the sidelines are new and several on the field are just as fresh, but the game has been around for years and the outcome, while Boogiewoogie seems to think it's already been decided, is a merely hours away.

The temperature is set to a perfect 75 degrees, the sun should be shining bright on both Kentucky homes, and a slight breeze is expected to be blowing. Despite the cool temperature, I expect this game to be heated and expect a close 1st half. I a key turnover in the second half to be the difference in the game and whoever can control the ground game will win. As such, I expect the dirty birds to be the responsible host in the Pizza Box and lay down the red carpet to victory (I'm giving the Cards 3.5 points).

Both coaches are friends but there is no room for friendship when you'll have 55,000 people and 140 players ready to battle. Charlie Strong comes into the game with a rejuvenated fan base and a win could keep the train chugging along. While Joker Phillips rides a 3 game winning streak against the instate rivals and is familiar with the system and many of the players.

The game kicks off at 3:30 but the festivities are beginning for the SportsThat crew in less than 2 hours. Find us out at the game and get pictured, then featured on the site! Best UK rivalry shirt wins a guest blogger spot or a gift certificate to River Bend Winery

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