Monday, September 13, 2010

The Durantula AttacksTurkey, Free's Enes

Prediction Time: Kevin Durant will be the best basketball player on planet earth in the next five years. Kevin Durant will win an Olympic Gold Medal, an NBA MVP and an NBA championship sometime in the near future. Durant lit up Turkey for 28 points and a myriad of three's. He was unstoppable the entire game. As KRS pointed out, I think this victory also gives us the rights to Enes Kanter.

This team didn't have Kobe, LeBron, D-Wade, Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony or any of the other "elite" NBA stars. What they did have were guys willing to work together, follow a system and get out of Durant's way when the situation called for it.

  • Here is the NCAA football top 25. Alabama still on top. Virginia Tech drops out, Michigan comes in and all of a sudden Boise State doesn't look so tough.

  • The C-J's Eric Crawford wrote an interesting article about UK's schedule. He states that he believes it is time for the Cats to schedule a big time non-conference opponent and I couldn't agree more. You see, that big non-con team USED to be UofL and we all see where they are now (please look in dumpster). It's time for the Cats to play a Boston College, a Wisconsin, an Arizona, a Nebraska, a team with some clout that would give the Cats a little more of a challenge and some more respect. I understand that the SEC is tough as nails but most of the other Big Boys do it. If we want to sit at the Big Boys table, we have to prove it. Just Sayin'.

  • Here is a little blurb from's Jerry Meyers. Meyers suggests that Chane Behanan's commitment to the Cards (barf) had a lot to do with Kyle Wiltjer going to the Cats (hooray!). He also states that the two players are vastly different. One (CB) being an athletic big body and the other (KW) a guy that can score on the post and drain it from deep.

  • UK will be shown on ESPNU at 7:00 p.m. when they play Florida. Let's get a W boys.

Free Enes

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