Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kentucky is Going to Beat Louisville and other News and Notes

  • First up: Kentucky is now beating Louisville on the football recruiting front. Kentucky received a commitment from Rashad Cunningham yesterday. The Mobile, Alabama wide receiver also had offers from Auburn, Arkansas and...Louisville. It looks like Joker may be beating out the "best recruiter in the history of the universe".

  • BYU is going Independent in college football. The Cougars (or the Stormin' Mormons as I like to call them) figure they can contend for a BCS title better out of the Mountain West conference. I concur. As long as they schedule quality teams. Like teams in the SEC. Not teams in the Big East because that is like being in the Mountain West all over again. Only worse.

  • Ex-Oregon Duck and current bad guy Jeremiah Masoli has been ruled ineligible to play football for Ole Miss. If you remember, Masoli was booted from the Ducks because of two arrests. He transferred to the Rebels and it was thought to be ok because the rule states that a player can transfer to a college of their choice and not sit out a year if that college has a Masters program that his previous school did not. Well, Masoli graduated from Oregon and transferred to Ole Miss that has a program that Oregon did not. Everything was ok, right? Wrong. The NCAA in their infinite wisdom ruled against him, not citing specific reasons. I'm not a Masoli fan but this seems unfair. The NCAA is the most corrupt entity in the USA besides our own government.

  • The Reds are now a full 7 games up on the Cardinals in the NL Central. The turnaround that the Reds have pulled off the season is amazing. Former Louisville Bat Aroldis Chapman made his debut on the mound in the bigs last night, struck out the three batters he faced and reached 102 mph on his fastball. This guy is going to make a potent rotation even better for the playoffs. Watch out for Cincy.

  • Quincy Miller, Deuce Bello and Chane Behanan will be at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium to watch the Cats stomp the Cards Saturday during a visit to Louisville. Miller was pretty much told "Thanks but no thanks" by UK because the 2011 class is already stacked at his position, Bello was never really heavily recruited and Behanan is still up in the air but I expect him to become a Cat. Maybe. Kyle Wiltjer may have stolen his spot but that's fine by me. The Cards expect to have a good 2011 class but not as good as Kentucky's. As for 2010: The Cards are going to suck and the Cats are going to be very good. BTW Cards fans: if Quincy commits, never forget this. Or this. Enjoy our leftovers.

I wasn't able to write on the blog yesterday due to A). Extreme exhaustion; B). Too busy at work; and C). I had a night out on the town with my wife. So, l am making up for it today. I still think the Cats are going to whip up on the Cards and I am getting more confident by the day.

Charlie Strong was asked if this Cardinal team reminded him of any other team he coached and he said yes. The 1999 South Carolina team. They went 0-11. Ouch. Not what I would call a favorable comparison.

Go Cats. Beat Louisville.

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