Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Joker Phillips has been getting done in Da Ville for a While

Last week I provided you the reader with a comment made by Joker Phillips about getting recruits out of Louisville. Today the Courier Journal decided to present an entire article dedicated to the topic.

The article highlights comments by the coach from St. X as well as how hard Phillips works as a recruiter. Lately Kentucky has had more players out of Louisville commit to playing football in Lexington than in their hometown. This is a huge accomplishment. It shows the prowess that the University of Kentucky has over the University of Louisville and how good of a recruiter Phillips actually is.

In today's news and notes the first paragraph stated that Phillips got a recruit to come to Kentucky over Louisville. Do we have Coach Cal Jr. coaching the football team? He is not in the same league as Cal is now but let's give him some time.

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