Friday, September 24, 2010

Setting Records Straight: Kentucky vs Florida

Taking Vegas for all they have, beating Louisville 4 straight years in football, seeing a hot girl run across the parking lot in the buff... all examples of good streaks that as a UK fan, I want to see continue on-and-on. Seeing a hot girl run across the parking lot in the buff and seeing Boogiewoogie follow closely behind, being told women's basketball is relevant because UConn hasn't lost a game in 3 years, and losing to Tennessee 25 straight times... all streaks that need to come to an end. One streak could and needs to this weekend.

Kentucky owns the second longest current losing streak to a single team in the NCAA (they also own the longest streak of 25 games to Tennessee). The Cats face a 23 year drought that started in 1987 and this weekend in Tallahassee they face a Florida team that has looked vulnerable on their way to 3-0.

Tim "Touchdown" Tebow lead the gators to their last four victories over the last four years. In the process he also saved babies, stopped run away trains, cured cancer and was asked for help about Healthcare and Financial reform by the Democratic party in Washington. But it is John Brantley's turn at the reigns of leading convict's that would make T-Pain or Akon proud. It is his honor to play Florida's version of Burt Reynolds in the Longest Yard each Saturday. But this Saturday, the Gators are increasingly being talked about to be upset and have that streak ended. Here are the main reasons why:
1) Well Florida has been slow to start, while the Cats have come out blazing averaging 24 points in the first two quarters.
2) Florida faces Alabama the next week and are potentially looking past the Cats to the Rolling Tide.
3) The Southeast version of Football Jesus isn't there to save them any longer.

I'm not saying it's going to happen. I am saying that the streak has to come to an end sometime and this chance has people talking. The whispers are mounting and turning louder while the big blue fan base is starting to get that feeling. 4-0 is being mentioned now among fans, ESPN panelist and analyst. With that possible win is the start of the NCAA's shortest current winning streak... 1 game.

SportsThat will be celebrating watching the game at Big Blue Country on Baxter Avenue in Louisville. Come out, watch, and let's let those whispers turn into one loud voice. Gam3Day Ready.

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