Friday, September 10, 2010

Rudy is Booty and Other News and Notes

We have all seen Rudy and we all love it. Well, most of us do. But for years since the movie there have been more and more stories coming out that the film was just that, a film. Now former Fighting Irish QB Joe Montana, who was a freshman when Rudy was a senior, is coming out and setting the facts straight. Joe claims that it was no big deal when Rudy got in and the crowd wasn't chanting his name. Go figure!

  • Blogger Susan Shan wrote an article that goes further into detail about the dishonest article written by Pete Thamel about Enes Kanter's professional status. It's pretty bad. The GM he interviewed didn't even speak English and there was no documentation given, none at all. It also highlights the purposeful misquoting of former Kanter coach Rodney Crawford. The whole story stinks, just like Thamel's lame-ass Eric Bledsoe article. Did Calipari sleep with this guy's wife or something? Anyway, the New York Times is sticking by their man but some of their statements are a little less than 100% supportive of this doucher. More on this in the future. Plus, Susan Shan is pretty hot. FREE ENES!!!

  • Ron Artest continues to be my hero. Ron-Ron is an actual government sponsored spokesman for mental health. He speaks at schools about the problem and he is now selling his championship ring in order to fund more therapists and licensed pshychiatrists in schools. Ron-Ron quote alert: "You work so hard to get a ring, and now you have a chance to help more people than just yourself. What's better than that?" He has come a long way.

  • Bruce Pearl and the Vols are the subject of an NCAA probe due to excessive phone calls to recruits, Pearl's man boobs and his unwanted advances on Erin Andrews. Good.

  • Villanova is thinking about joining the Big East in football. In other news: who the hell cares about Big East Football?

  • KSR's Will Lentz did some numbers cruncing on the 2011 recruiting classes of the Cats and the Cards and came up with this: The average number of the UK 2011 class is 6. The average number of the Dirty Cards recruiting class is 46. Now, that is those that have committed to the schools. If Deuce Bello and Qunicy Miller commit then Louisville's number is a wopping....wait for it...38. Sorry Dirty Birds, Cal > Sticky Ricky.

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