Thursday, September 16, 2010

It is September... that means it's FINALLY Baseball Season!

College Football season kicked off two weeks ago, NFL was last week, and we are one month away from Midnight Madness, but last night I realized baseball is getting to that point of the year that I finally start paying attention. 145/162 games have been completed for most teams. That leaves 17 games and about 20 days worth of action to follow. I've always been a "wake me up, when September begins" guy when it comes to Baseball. This is simply because unless your team is just horrible (see Cincinnati from 1990-2009) you ALWAYS have a shot come August/September.

Last night, I awoke to September baseball. I took a seat in San Francisco for my first game at AT&T park and watched the playoff contending Giants in a rivalry game against the Mannyless (and playoff less) Dodgers. It was brisk (65 degrees at first pitch) and had a different feel than those June/July games. The crowd was into the game and watched the home team Giants pulled within a half game of the Padres for the division and 1/2 game of the Wild Card after a 2-1 win.

But for those of you that aren't Red Sox or Indians fans (which leaves about 1% of our audience), here's a rundown of the MLB Standings for you to wake up:

Tampa Bay W: 88 L: 57
NY Yankees W: 88 L: 58 (.5 games behind)

The Yankees seem to be struggling as of late with their starting rotation. A-Rod's numbers are down significantly this season and injuries could be biting. However, the Yankees and Rays have had the Division/Wild Card locked down for weeks and with the Red Sox flailing like Boogiewoogie on ice, they could just be rolling along and waiting to turn it back on in the Playoffs.

Minnesota 87 58 (8 games up)

After the White Sox made an impressive mid-season run at the pennant, they have failed miserably at keeping that momentum. Even with a late season addition of Manny Ramirez, the Sox have still fell 8 games back to a Twins team that has shown impressive hitting and pitching. It looks like the Twinkies will be making another post season appearance.

Texas 82 63 .566 (10 games up)

The Rangers added Cliff Lee midstream which added a #1 starter and lifted playoff hopes. With a 10 game lead and  17 to go, the Rangers are solid to make it into September. With the playoffs being about pitching, and Lee proving he can perform against the big boys when needed, the Rangers could even do some damage.

Philadelphia 86 61
Atlanta 83 64 (3 games back)

The Phillies have been up and down this year, but have hit their stride this month. Winners of 8 out of their last 10, they have pulled ahead in the division and with proven pitching are poised to make another run at the World Series. The Braves currently lead the Wild Card by .5 games but are young and banged up worse than a woman at Porcini's. While I don't expect to see the Chipper Jones come September (after season ending injury) I do expect to see the tomahawks being thrown.

Cincinnati 83 63
St. Louis 74 70 (8 games back)

While their fans kept waiting for the collapse, the team just seemed to continue to pull away from the Cardinals and hold 8 games with 16 to go. The Reds haven't made the playoffs since 1995, which for you math majors is a LONG time ago. I think I was in the 8th grade... and well, I just had my 10 year HIGH SCHOOL reunion. But after a MVP style season from Joey Votto, Ace pitching from Johnny Cueto, and bullpen bolstering Aroldis Chapman's call up in early September, they are making things happen. It should be a slump buster to end all slump busters.

San Diego 82 63
San Francisco 82 64 (.5 games back)

The surprise Padres held an 8 game lead as of three weeks ago, but have slowly fallen back into reach and have turned heads as to their latest flaws. I turned a few heads last night and it wasn't for my manly good looks. I realized after an inning or two that my UK attire fit seamlessly with the LA Dodger blue opponents. Watching the teams play, I realized that the Giants are built on pitching. Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, and company have pulled this team to playoff hopes. With only having one player on the team batting over .300, the Giants will have their work cut out for them in September if they get there.

But that's your MLB Rundown as of September 16th, 2010. Wake up, enjoy the playoff runs for your team and tune in in 3 weeks to find out how long the season will last.

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