Friday, September 10, 2010

East Coast/West Coast Feud: Kentucky/Louisville Edition

Western and Eastern are going down. Good thing Pac and Biggie aren't around to see this.

Before I start into the two football games that will be played this Saturday let me speak on Brett Favre. I watched the NFL Kickoff last night and was as giddy as a school girl that professional football is back. Plus, Dave Matthews Band rocked the house in the pregame concert. The match up between Favre and Drew Brees was supposedly going to be epic but it ended up a defensive match-up. The Saints came out victorious.

I noticed some things about The Old Gunslinger: 1). He didn't look excited and 2). I could tell that he hasn't spent much time with his receivers. He was under throwing, overthrowing, and just flat out missing them. They didn't seem like they were on the same page at all. Favre should have stayed home in Mississippi. It's going to be a long year.

Western Kentucky at Kentucky-Vegas has it -24.5 for the Cats and I expect it to be just that. The Hilltoppers were thumped 49-10 by the Huskers last Saturday. The Toppers gave up 536 yards of total offense. I expect the Cats to run wild all over WKU. Look for Cobb and Locke to have decent games and look for Donald Russell to get more carries at the RB position in order to conserve Locke for the SEC opener against the Gators. There is no reason for the Cats to get cute with these guys. They need to go out, dominate on offense and defense, get out with a BIG win. I don't foresee big plays from the WildCobb in order to hold some surprises for the SEC. No need to show our hand against WKU. Final Score: WKU 12- Cats 37.

Eastern Kentucky at Louisville- I can't find the Vegas odds on this game. Probably because both teams aren't very good. But EKU should be worse than Louisville. A lot worse. The Colnels took their first L of the season against Missouri State to the tune of 31-9. That's awful. They put up 315 yards passing but only 35 yards rushing. They gave up 388 yards in a balanced attack by MSU. Louisville will have a chance to get Froman and his receivers on track. They can't get much more off track than last week. This should be a feel good game for the Cards and give the Birdy fans something to cheer about before they head to Oregon State next week to get thumped by the Beavers. Powell and Anderson will split carries and you might even see Dominique Brown get in the game. Final Score: EKU 10-Cards 30.
UK starts off 2-0 as Joker Phillips becomes the first Kentucky to debut 2-0 since Bear Bryant. The first game at Commonwealth should be rocking as the Cats start a 2 game home stand against a couple of cupcakes before the real season begins at Gainesville on the last weekend in September.

Food for thought Louisville fans: Charlie Strong got beat worse than Kragthorpe did against the Cats last year at Commonwealth. Krags' team put up more points, more yards and was in better position to win the game. BUT! They also gave up more yards and allowed more points. Is this due to a better UK team or a worse Louisville team? I think it is a little bit of both. UK made less mistakes than they did a year ago and the defense looked better. Strong was unable to take advantage of a huge home debut in front of a huge home crowd. Let's just say Charlie the Messiah has a long way to go. I'm not saying that Steve Kragthorpe is a better coach, he definitely is not, but I'm not so sure this "upgrade" is that big of a deal at this point.

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