Saturday, September 25, 2010

Let's Get Pete Thamel Fired

This smarmy jerk is UK Public Enemy #1

As the Bledsoe controversy is finally coming to an end Pete Thamel is left looking like a complete clown. I wrote a letter to the editor of the New York Times and it goes a little something like this:

To the editor of the New York Times,

It appears you have an unethical, biased sports journalist working for you by the name of Pete Thamel. This individual has a personal vendetta against the University of Kentucky and the head basketball coach John Calipari. He has released two stories this year in which he used shoddy judgement when writing. How so you ask? Let me highlight a few points:

-Thamel released the high school transcripts of former Kentucky player Eric Bledsoe. He leaked transcripts that contained the grades of Bledsoe while he was still a minor.

-He had no hard evidence to support his accusations that there was something wrong with Bledsoe's grades.

-The Birmingham school system spent $10,000 investigating the case only to come to the conclusions that Bledsoe's transcripts were accurate and they could find absolutely no wrong doing. Just like the NCAA had previously reported.

-Bledsoe's image has been tarnished and his name has been dragged through the mud. If I were Bledsoe I would seriously consider suing Pete Thamel and the New York Times.

-Thamel also did a report on Kentucky basketball recruit Enes Kanter. He interviewed the general manager of Kanter's Turkish national team. He did not use a translator while conducting this interview with a man that speaks little to no English.

-Thamel reported that the Turkish team paid Kanter over $100,000 for his services. What evidence did he have? The word of the Turkish general manager and that was all. He did not produce any hard documentation that substantiated the claims of the general manager but he went ahead and moved forward with the story regardless of his lack of evidence.

-He also falsely attributed quotes to one of Kanter's American coaches. Duqense assistant coach Rodney Crawford publicly stated that Pete Thamel misquoted him on purpose in order to make it appear that he had something to hide in regards to Kanter.

It appears you have a vindictive, biased individual working for your paper that allows his unfounded (or founded, I do not know the man personally) hatred for Kentucky and John Calipari cloud his judgement while reporting these stories.

I would suggest that Thamel be fired, suspended, or at least not allowed to write these articles about the University of Kentucky or John Calipari. He continues to embarrass your news paper with ludicrous accusations. His journalistic integrity is far beyond questionable at this point. He believes that his is some sort of sports version of Woodward and Bernstein using John Calipari in the place of Richard Nixon and the University of Kentucky in the place of the United States Government.


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All UK fans jump on board and support the cause!!

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