Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Athlon Yearbook Predictions

Probably the greatest yearbook picture ever.

Rick Bozich blogged the predictions for the postseason for Kenctucky, Louisville and IU basketball according to the good people of Athlon Sports. What did they predict? UK: Sweet Sixteen; Louisville: NIT; IU: NIT.

The question I have is whether or not the predictions were made based on UK with Enes Kanter or without Enes Kanter. With Kanter I say Final Four. Without him I think Sweet Sixteen. I also agree with both predictions for IU and Louisville. Although I can also see Louisville missing the NIT with this team. They will be horrible.

Still no final word on Gorgui Dieng. I am guessing the Card Chronicle's Mike Rutherford effed up royally by saying that Dieng was ruled ineligible. I think Dieng will be seeing the court this for the Cards.
Update: The Card Chronicle is also reporting, accurate or not, that Louisville QB Dominique Brown is practicing with the wide receivers. This tells me 2 things: A). Adam Froman has "solidified" his starting job and B). Louisville is looking for Brown to be their Cobbesque type guy. Good Luck. There is Only One Randall Cobb.

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