Monday, September 13, 2010

Gorgui Dieng May or May Not Be a Card

There are conflicting reports coming out about this but this is what we know so far: the Cardchronicle has come out with two reports. One reporting that the Louisville big man from Senegal will not be suiting up for the Cardinals though they do not list a reason why.

The website then put out another statement saying that Louisville has denied the report. The CC's Mike Rutherford is saying that he is standing by his initial report that Dieng has not qualified.

I'm not sure what source Rutherford is going by but I cannot find anything about this anywhere on the Courier-Journal's site or anywhere on Rivals or Scout. I guess we will have to stay tuned.

It seems that the Wildcats are not the only team having eligibility issues. The Cards have already lost Justin Coleman and Roburt Sallie. Dieng would be another HUGE hit if what the CC reports is true. I called NIT but if he is gone then the Cards will not be playing in the postseason at all. Stay tuned.

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