Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cardinal fans hating on Cardinal fans

Your football team is ranked 87th and are 1-2. Your basketball team is barely being mentioned for an NIT bid in the coming season. Your biggest basketball rival has lined up its 2nd and 3rd straight #1 recruiting classes. What do you do? Where do you go for answers? When will the bright spot be seen again? Well, you don't need to get your flux capacitor charged,  way back time machine, or physics book out to look at your future. You just need to go to Google!

Tonight, that is exactly what many a few Cardinals have done. In their desperation, they searched and scoured the web for answers and have managed to find an article written +30 days ago. Something on this very site about a pickup basketball game and they drool over the prospects involved. They see the contingent of potential future Cards and go running to the masses with the scoop. They ignore reason and truth (and a warning message at the top of the article) and sprint screaming they found gospel to the other hurdled red shirts on other fan blogs.

No, seriously? Yes, seriously. Our friends over at InsideTheVille have thrown an old SportsThat satire onto their fan forum. The forum message and following responses show the Cards falling deeply for the thoughts of saviors on the hard court rescuing the university's program from doom and gloom and bringing it back to the greatness it warrants.

However, the same post then recognizes it's desperation and lust of those more successful programs and it begins to throw shots in hope to bring down the anticipation of glory. In a matter of moments, the world goes from the highest mountain to the lowest valley. Like a 1-2 start to football season or an extortion case in federal court, it turns sad quickly and who is there to blame? The guy that wrote it. Shoot the messenger of the sarcastic print. Turn on the author, our own UL fan writer Thunderstick. Call him a "Matt Jones Clone" and UKlown. Point fingers, and disown him. Call him names (UK fan), ignore his statements, and move on.

UL fans, one day you too may see the glory of sports relevancy and that day will be when you too become a UK fan. Until then, keep hating on your own kind, it's something that UK and UL fans can get along in doing.


  1. Wow, I must admit that I'm honored that my post got mentioned in an external site. But, before we start poking fun at U of L fans, let's not pretend that UK doesn't have their own collective group of "idiot" fans who jump at everything posted.

    Matt Jones Clone? HA HA HA, that's laughable.

  2. LOL Dude you must really be obsessed with Louisville if you not only took the time write an article on a bogus pick-up game but on top that you are trolling UofL message boards and now have an article about a post less than 12 hours old. Thanks for being so worried about Louisville I just hope it doesn't keep you from sleeping nights.

  3. UK has their fair share of crazies. It's just fun to see you Thunder Stick being picked on by your own kind ;)


  5. I actually agree with DeFord on this. As for now UK needs to watch those high risk recruits and ask if it's really wortj it.

    Cardhoopster: A Louisville fan wrote an article about a bogus pick up game. Nice try though.