Tuesday, September 28, 2010

John Wall and I spoke...on Twitter

My new best friend.
The wonderful about the technology today is that everyone can be connected with the rest of the world if they choose to be. Even connections with celebrities and pro-athletes are possible. Take for instance this weekend. I actual had correspondence with two major sports figures, all thanks to Twitter. Let's break down my "conversations" with Dick Vitale and The John Wall.

Dickie V- I woke up Saturday morning and decided to pull up some info on the upcoming UK at Florida game (enter nightmare flashbacks). I checked my Twitter account as I am accustomed to do to find Dick Vitale making an interesting comment. He stated that he agreed with his friend Jay Bilas' article about the NCAA needing to get out of the eligibility business. Being a fan of Kentucky and knowing full well what he was talking about, I retweeted his comment and then replied to it saying, "When is the NCAA going to start holding itself accountable for its own mistakes?"

A few seconds later I personally received this response: Dickie V@Jstrebleboogie Itis a joke the weay they handled the Derek Rose situation. No Way the Tigers should have had to vacate FINAL 4 (misspellings and grammar errors courtesy of Dickie V)

So there you go. Dick Vitale agrees with me and thinks the NCAA stinks and they just need to give up trying to police everything.

John Wall-John Wall tweeted Randall Cobb yesterday asking him what he was up to. I assume they are friends since they are both awesome. Cobb said he was sitting in class and that he bet John Wall didn't miss that at all. Wall then responded, "Actually I do". This made me feel good to think that this 19 year old kid who is a multi-millionaire missed going to class. I decided to tweet to John Wall the following: "It feels good as a Cats fan to hear you say you miss class. Is it class or the University you really miss? Show DC what's up!"

Wall then tweeted back to me the following: Jimmywa11@Jstrebleboogie: both. Short and to the point but correspondence none the less. Wall misses Kentucky and the education he received there but millions of dollars don't just fall into people's laps. I would have left too. It's also really cool that he took time out of his day to respond back to someone he has never met and probably will never meet. It shows that the guy is dedicated to his Big Blue fan base.

It's pretty cool that in this day and age a lowly part time blogger such as myself can make small talk with major sports figures and then write about it. Now that I have spoken with John Wall and Dick Vitale, I am a member of the media and I would like to get paid as such.

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