Friday, September 17, 2010

A Tailgating Thursday News of the Night

Hot girls flippin sausage... an Akron @ UK tailgating special
So when you're tailgating, you drink. When you are waiting on news from Enes Kanter or Eric Bledsoe to break at any moment, it is definitely worth drinking. When you sit at the airport and wait for 4 hours before your flight, you drink. Thus, I drink at the airport bar for you Enes, Eric, Business men and women of America, and all of those sports fans seeing games the way it is meant to be the stadium. Here are the evening notes from the San Jose, California airport:

- After Cincinnati's loss to North Carolina State today, Butch Jones, the new head coach of Cincinnati is now being compared to Steve Kragthorpe. Sportsthat is already starting a "He pulled a Munson, I mean Kragthorpe" campaign, while all the sports writers in America are forming a lynch mob to destroy Jones' career.

- The WNBA finished today with the Seattle Storm winning the ti... zzzzz. Someone watched, it wasn't me. I blame Boogiewoogie for the creation of women's sports, title 9 and everything else that is PC and wrong with America.

-  The Rockets have decided to limit Yao Ming to 24 minutes a game for the upcoming season. That is 50% of regular game time. This is in response to his career threatening injury to his feet. He's a big man and brings in huge Chinese Yuan, thus the Rockets are going to take a Steven Strasburg approach and basically limit his innings. This is big news (and good news) for Chuck Hayes and Patrick Patterson who will be sharing time with Yao in the paint.

- The Chargers will be blacked out for their home opener after not selling the game out. All I can say is that the Jacksonville Jaguars might get a break after all the crap they took last season. The economy is still down and the tickets are STILL $50 or MORE. It is reported that up to 11 other teams could be at risk for blackout games this year and until ticket prices come down or the economy turns upwards, I expect more next season.

- Clinton Portis is in hot water after some comments made on a radio show about women reporters in NFL locker rooms. The NFL came out later and said Portis' comments were offensive. Thus, today Portis simply held up a spiral bound notebook with "No Comment" "Thanks for Coming" and "God Bless You" written on the paper. My response to Portis' comment... No Comment, God Bless You and Thanks for coming.

AlrightI just heard someone say "I'll catch you back in the San Ho" and then say "I'd rather barf in her than fill her with... Later Kardash, ." So with that, I am taking the rest of the night off and going to look for Kim Kardashian. Boogiewoogie will be back on Eastern time zone in the morning as I make my way 3,000 miles back to Da Ville.. Remember to tune in Saturday for the first SportsThat at Commonwealth trip.


  1. You might want to check your sexist will only get you in hot water. There are others interested in other things than ENES or hot girls. LOUISVILLE's own.....Angel McCoughtry scored a game-high 35 points, but it wasn't enough as the Seattle Storm finished a sweep of the Atlanta Dream with an 87-84 victory in game three of the WNBA Finals Thursday night.

    Despite the bitter ending it was an amazing run for McCoughtry, the league's Rookie of the Year a season ago. She averaged just under 30 points a contest in the playoffs and netted a WNBA playoff record 42 in the clinching game of the Eastern Conference Finals against New York.

    It took McCoughtry just two seasons to take the Dream from the worst team in the league to one step short of being on top of it. She's like a more successful LeBron.

  2. How successful are you if no one knows your accomplishments nor do they care?