Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ESPN 2011 Class Ranks

The Cats lead the way in ESPN's 2011 rankings with four 5 star prospects, including #2 overall Michael Gilchrist, #3 Anthony Davis,  #7 Marquis Teague, and #12 Kyle Wiltjer and #1 class rank.

The Cardinals 2011 class rank is a surprisingly high #5. With merely #32 Chane Behanan, #33 Wayne Blackshear, #73 Zach Price in the top 100, it's hard to imagine only 4 teams being any better. Granted, the Cards do have their sights set for #4 Quincy Miller, #31 Tony Wroten Jr , and #50 Deuce Bello, but these are still recruits, not commitments. Sheer volume doesn't equal talent. I'm amazed that the "Rick Pitino Six Saviors" have one possible player in the top 10 and the reset are ranked below 30! 

It's just another sign of the weak classes other schools pull in, with the Cats getting so many of the top prospects. But hey, congratulations Cardinals, it'll be the highest number you see next to your schools name for the next year (at least).

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  1. I really find it hilarious that Kentucky is so far ahead of every other team as far as recruiting is concerned. The #1 and #10 prospects of the 2013 class are visitng UK. And they are brothers.

    Little Brother gets all excited for the #32, #33 and #73 kids. If they get Miller then their class will be legit but if not then they are just what were last year and what they will be this year: mediocre.