Friday, April 2, 2010

So You're Tellin' Me There's a Chance...

Ok, so it's an outside chance that John Wall and "The Three Amigos" will stay and play another year at Kentucky, but Wall still has not made his decision. In an interview with reporter Jason King, who was covering the Rupp awards that Wall and coach Calipari received in Indianapolis on Thursday, Wall made some interesting comments. King spent a few minutes with Wall to discuss his future.

Wall told King that it is not as easy of a decision as he thought it would be. Wall plans to announce his plans within the next week or two and whatever he does it seems that Cousins and Bledsoe (The other two of the Amigos) are going to do the same. It seems that the three freshman superstars still feel like they should be playing Saturday against Duke, as do most Kentucky fans and basketball analysts. There is a feeling of unfinished business among them. Besides, Kentucky fans threw an impromptu pep rally Thursday imploring the one and done kids to come back for "One More Year". I don't know what effect, if any, this will have on their decision.

One thing that is for sure is that John Wall is a great kid and he is taking his time to make one of the most important decision in his life. He explains that he will continue school and finish out the semester. He has achieved a 3.4 GPA in his freshman year at UK. Wall also plans on finishing his degree, something that he promised his father before he died from complications due to liver cancer.

Whatever his decision will be, I have to say that Wall is one of my top 5 favorite players to ever play at Kentucky. Although he may have only been a Wildcat for a year, it was an exciting year. He brought a youthful exuberance that had been missing at Kentucky for a long time and he brught back a winning attutiude. One more year John, one more year.


  1. Hey Boog! When you wish apon a star........

  2. I can wish all I want. It's a free country.