Sunday, April 11, 2010

Enes Kanter "The Dominator"

I'm really excited about Kentucky and Coach Cal

Enes (ahy-nes not ee-nes) Kanter was a big man and big question mark. The question mark turned exclamation mark last night. You may have seen his scratchy YouTube videos or some snapshots posted on a few websites and he looked alright. But he was going against Turkish kids under 17, what type of competition was this?

Last night, this was a real glimpse of him playing against real competition. The Nike Hoops Summit game featured the NCAA's top incoming recruits and the worlds best players appeared in this game pairing the World vs USA.

Kanter looked much better than advertised. He is as huge as his 6'10" 250lbs listing would indicate. He was quick on his feet going around the defender set for a charge on a World Team fast break. He hit a nice fade away 10 foot jumper and set a Nike Hoops Summit record 34 points (33 Dirk Nowitzki). Coupled with his 13 rebounds, he dominated the game from the inside and looked very impressive. All questions were were answered.

Kanter is a verbal commitment to Coach John Calipari and his Kentucky Wildcats. It has been questioned if Kanter can fill the shoes of outgoing center Demarcus Cousins. Sure these All-Star games are always tricky to judge and the stat sheet stuffing ability in an actual college game will remain to be seen, but this game gives a Kentucky fan a good feeling about that void. However, watching the above video of Kanter smiling and giving broken English answers, says the Cats won't have to worry about a great post-game quote for next season either.

World, meet Enes - Enes the world.


  1. Enes, meet ineligibility. Ineligibility, meet Enes.

  2. Everything that I have read or heard so far is that his eligibility is going to be fine. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  3. So calling now, when Enes declares for the draft next year, he withdrawls his name and says "I'll be baaack"...