Friday, April 9, 2010

Teague to Kentucky: Rumor Control

The infamous class of 2011 is being talked about more than the 2010 class has been lately. The Louisville Cardinals are in a Degree All-In moment and have hyped the class more than the 2009 Wildcats. But with a commitment pushback of Marquis Teague, the #2 player in Rivals 2011 class, rumors have been flying as to a new possible destination.

Here's what Bozich is saying today about Teague:
Two rival coaches, and several others, have told me they expect Calipari to get an oral commitment from Marquis Teague, the point guard from Indianapolis Pike.

The good thing about a blog: you suck in rumors, digest them and pass them back out. But rumors are usually crap and they're definitely crap when you're through with them. That's a benefit of not being credible, trusted, or paid you can talk about rumors. When you're Rick Bozich of the Courier-Journal, you can do that to but to the deficit of your credibility, trust worthiness, and we'll you get paid still (likely more).

If this rumor does turn true, the Cardinals hopes are floundering faster than dinner at a hibachi grill. Kentucky is already being listed high on the lists of 2011 #1 Michael Gilchrist and Quincy Miller, the #3 overall. Teague would add to the 2, to the 1-2-and 3 pairing in 2011 for the Cats.

This 2011 class could definitely trump the Cardinals and maybe even the '09 Cats. It's still a year away before we're ready for them, but you should get ready if this does turn true.

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