Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Marquis Teague to attend the University of...

Just because my high school uniform is red don't mean that my college uniform will be too. I might look really good in blue!
Marquis Teague, the #2 overall recruit in the 2011 class, has pushed back his decision...again. Scout.com is reporting that the point guard is not making his decision as early as he had said he was going to. This may come as a shock to many Louisville fans, all of whom had thought that Teague had already picked out his number and his locker in the new arena. This was thought to be so when Tom Jurich decided in his infinite wisdom to extend coach Rick Pitino's contract for another 4 years (why?). Teague's father had earlier said that the extension would help the decision.

What do I think? I think Teague is Louisville bound despite the hesitation. But there is a rumor going around about Teague to Kentucky and according to Jerry Meyer of Rivals.com, Teague is going to shock everybody and commit to Cal and the Cats.

This is 2011 we are talking about here. I don't care if Teague commits to either Louisville or Kentucky at this point. Recruits pull out and change their minds all of the time. Nothing is set in stone and there aren't any documents that are being signed. I applaud the kid for taking his time and I think he needs to wait until next year before saying anything about where he is going to play ball. A lot can happen between now and then.

In more relevant recruiting news Luke Cothron and Doron Lamb should be making their decision within the next week. Now, that I am interested in since these guys will be playing college basketball in 2010. Cothron had earlier listed Louisville as a possible destination but removed the school from his list. Lamb and Cothron both have the Cats still in mind as their decision looms. T minus one week until Brandon Knight commits to the Cats. Bank on that.


  1. 2010 recruit Luke Cothron eliminates UK and narrows his list to Alabama, Auburn and Marquette