Monday, April 5, 2010

Opening Day, Tiger, "Rat Face" Kzryzweski and other News and Notes

It's opening day and I have taken advantage of my spring break by watching baseball all day. I started last night by watching the Boston Red Sox come back and beat the New York Yankees 9-7. It was good to open the season with a win but if we learned anything from last year, it's that early wins like this really don't matter. The Sox were 8-0 in their first 8 games against the Yanks last year and then ended 1-7 and losing the division.

Right now Favre4ever's Reds are getting pummeled by the Cards 6-2 and 2hot's beloved Indians are getting beat up by the Chicago White Sox 4-0. A lot has been going on today in sports other than baseball, so let's get to it:

  • Tiger Woods gave his first Q&A session with the media at Augusta today. I caved in and watched about the first 20 minutes. Some of the topics discussed were what happened on Thanksgiving, how Tiger lived a double life, his new found appreciation for his fans and his denial that he used HGH or any performance enhancing drugs. A doctor Woods was associated with during his knee rehab was recently arrested for possessing HGH. I'm sure haven't heard the last of this.
  • It was a big day for the NBA Hall of Fame. Scottie Pippen and Karl Malone will both enter the Hall individually and collectively with the 1992 Dream Team. Other members of the Dream Team included Jordan, Magic, Larry Legend, Sir Charles, Short-Shorts Sotckton, and Hakeem the Dream. I had a poster of the Dream Team in my room as a child. Still to this day, I think that team was the greatest collection of athletic talent the world has ever seen. Still to this day, I don't understand how Christian Freaking Laetner was on that team.
  • Mike "Rat Face" Krzyzewski has denied that he has any interest in the New Jersey Nets job. It is reported that the new owner will offer Coach K 12-15 million dollars a year if he accepts. If he does indeed deny it, expect John Calipari's name to pop up next. Don't expect to hear Rick Pitino's because they already told him "no thanks" even though Pitinio denies that he had anyone reach out to the Nets. Let's not get into the Rick Pitino honesty discussion.
  • Jason Campbell found out that his employer, the Washington Redskins, just added Donovan McNabb to the roster. Did he find out from the owner? Nope. Did he find out from the GM? Nope. Did he find out from the coach? Nope. He found out from a reporter calling Campbell for a statement on the matter. Ouch.
  • Erin Andrews isn't an athlete but she was once a member of Florida's dance team and she covers athletics so I figured I would throw this in. Andrews has been competing on Dancing With the Stars and the FBI just got involved with Andrews because she has been receiving death threats. This is sad. Andrews just saw a pervert got to prison for secretly filming her naked through a peephole. Now she has this to deal with. We all wish her luck.
  • Josh Beckett just signed a 4 year extension with the Red Sox. If he pitches the next four years like he did last night then The Nation will be up in arms.
  • And lastly, the NCAA men's championship game will be played tonight if anybody cares. I'm not going to watch it because I know Duke is going to win and I can't stand to watch those pricks hold up a trophy. I would say go Butler but it's not going to do any good. I Hate Duke.
See, I told you there was a lot going on! Back to watching baseball. The Cubbies come on at 4 and I promised somebody I would watch them. Good times. Go Sports!

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