Friday, April 2, 2010

Finally: The Final Four

So without a local team playing in the Final Four, I really don't care about the NCAA Tournament anymore, actually I quit caring with :47 seconds left in Kentucky vs West Virginia. As evidenced by the amount of tickets in Indianapolis that Butler has snatched up cheaply, neither do any of the other fans of Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State, Indiana etc. that surround Indianapolis. So I turn my attention to the first two of the remaining 3 games.

(1)Duke vs (2)West Virginia: I loath few things in life:
1) People that drive and text at the same time
1b) People that expect me to drive and text at the same time
2) The sight/sound/smell of chewing gum
3) The halfway point of any run
4) The Duke Blue Devils.

I might hate other things and dislike even more, but it's nothing like those 5. I try to avoid the things that make me so angry but life is life. I know I should run, so tuff luck with #3 and then Duke has to make the Final Four getting covered on every channel with any sport ensuring #5 and being pissy for the last week.

On to the game, it features Bob Huggins and Coach K, two coaches people love to root against. Duke gets jeered and booed everywhere. West Virginia has earned their own amount due to actions from their fan base this season. But it's Duke. I may think they will win, but I am going full on West Virginia with my fandom. More Analysis

•Duke-West Virginia Final 4 Date: Saturday, April 3rd (Title Game on April 5th)
•Duke-West Virginia Final 4 Tip Time: 8:47 ET
•Duke-West Virginia Final 4 TV: CBS
•Duke-West Virginia Spread: Duke -2.5
•Duke-West Virginia Over-Under: 131

Butler Coach Brad Stevens and Michigan State Coach Tom Izzo

(5)Butler vs (5)Michigan State: This is a great match-up and has potential for a great game, but the story lines run deep. A mid-major vs a perennial Final Four participant. A coach who is probably mistaken for a Panera cashier at the mall more than NCAA D I coach vs a season vet that's been here - done this before. A team that has seen the Final Four 6 of the last 12 seasons vs one that's never been here before in school history.

Tom Izzo has pulled his teams from the blistering cold of Michigan to the promised land of NCAA basketball vs Brad Stevens who pulled to a 10 minute drive to Lucas Oil field. It should be a fun game to watch with contrasting styles. Butler, despite being called - wrongly - a Cinderella, has been playing well and ranked throughout the season. I'm cheering for Butler, but look for the Spartans to pull of the 'upset' over the doe-eyed Bulldogs. More Analysis

•Butler-Michigan State Final 4 Date: Saturday, April 3rd (Title Game on April 5th)
•Butler-Michigan State Final 4 Tip Time: 6:07 ET
•Butler-Michigan State Final 4 TV: CBS
•Butler-Michigan State Spread: Butler -1.5
•Butler-Michigan State Over-Under: 126

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