Thursday, April 8, 2010

Poole Girls: Well Florida State May Be the Best

So it was a crazy busy day, no time to post, but there's still 5 minutes left in the day (well the actual date April 8, 2010)- so no reason to not post. The Big E-Z show (w Sweeney) on 1450 AM in Louisville had Stacey Poole on the show today. They talked Poole into being a little laid back with them and they wanted to know who Poole thought had the best girls on campus. I managed to get a little clip from it and decided to post.

He sounds like a good kid, although he does say that Flordia State has the hottest girls of any campus he visited. Sorry Kentucky Gals, you didn't make the cut... better luck with the next set of signees.

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