Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nets can't catch another chance at Calipari: "No Interest"

With rumors still circling around the New Jersey/New York Nets coaching vacancy, Kentucky John Calipari gave an audio update today via Lexy.com that says he has "no interest" in returning to the Nets.

Calipari goes on to say
"I'm not rumored for every college job. In all my years of coaching, they tried to use that on me in recruiting. Every college job that opened, my name was thrown in. Guess what? Not anymore. Because I've got the greatest college job. Now, they'll throw in my name at the NBA (level), and I have no interest. But there's no way they can come back and say, 'He wants this job, that job.' It ain't gonna affect our recruiting."
So who's next in line? Could the $12-$15/season be enough to lure Duke's Coach K away from Durham?

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