Sunday, April 4, 2010

Duke vs Butler: a taste of Kentucky.

Nolan Smith has a tattoo commemorating his father, Derek, on his right arm

Duke vs North Carolina is as heated rivalry in college basketball as there is in sports. Dick Vitale and the rest of ESPN would have you believe its probably only second to the Yankees vs Red Sox. Duke's Nolan Smith doesn't have that same feeling.

Smith's most disliked team: Kentucky. Nolan Derek Smith was born in Louisville, KY to 1980 NCAA Champion Louisville Cardinal's Derek Smith and grew up a Wildcat hater.

Smith's father Derek, who passed away when Nolan was 8, was a Louisville and NBA star. Nolan said everything in his house was red and full of memorabilia, his dad even drove a red car to support his alma mater.

Nolan still watches Louisville vs Kentucky and roots for the Cardinals. As you watch tomorrow's National Championship game, you might have someone to cheer for or against - probably depending on your allegence in those Cardinals vs Wildcats games.

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