Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cardinal Spotlight: American Idol's Russ Smith

So I was called a poorman's Matt Jones this week. Today I'm going for a really poor Ryan Secreast.

Some people would ask, "What's the difference?" ...  I would agree as I can see some similarities between the two host:
1) Their co-host always make them look better: I mean Jones is surrounded by BTI and Drew Franklin, while Secreast has Randy Jackson and Ellen.
2) They are very pretty: It would be they both spent as much time preparing their material as they do their hair.

Anyways, last night was the Night of Future Stars at the Derby Festival Classic, an event featuring future college players including Cardinals Russ Smith. To vote for Russ Smith, wait til the show's over, and call 1-800-Idol-2010

And while Russ was auditioning, he stumbled upon the worst website in the world. My favorite part of this video: he is grossed out (which he should be) but tries to eat a cookie. Somethings, I will never understand.

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