Friday, April 2, 2010

1-More-Year: For what it's worth

Patrick Patterson shows his support for Kentucky wearing his 1-more-year shirt.
Last night at the pep-rally, PatPat shows off his new diggs. As someone in the Comments section said earlier, "When you wish upon a star"... Dreams come true. Kentucky fans maybe dreaming, but the early depatures are at least listening...


  1. That shirt is quite fetching on you, Pat.

  2. Keep dreaming guys. And if they DO come back, what will happen to your collective Brandon Knight circle jerk? Because if they stay, he's not coming.

  3. Sounds like sour grapes from a fan of a school that doesn't have much of anything returning and nothing coming in. It's just been reported that Cal called Justice and may be offering him a scholarsjip. Another Louisville recruit gone. Keep dreaming gangle and maybe Louisville will be ok next year.

    Maybe Pitino can take a break from the Sypher trial and hit the recruiting trail. BTW: has he been recruiting at all? I haven't heard a word about any recruits coming in and playing for the Card.

  4. That was some nice selective reading there about Jutice, who is quoted in the Courier-Journal article as saying that he still prefers UL, and thinks that their system is a better fit for him. And by "nothing coming in" did you conveniently forget Justin Coleman? Last I checked, he was a five-star recruit. And Gorgui Dieng is expected to follow. It doesn't compare to UK's freshman class this year, but then again, not much does, including UK's potential class for next year.

    And none of what I am saying is sour grapes. I was just pointing out that it is an either/or proposition: you either keep your stud freshmen (highly unlikely no matter what T-shirt Patterson is wearing) or you can potentially land a stellar recruiting class. But not both. Not that either is a bad option...

  5. whats up with those pants???? Is he wearing his girlfriends jeans??? High water much???