Friday, April 2, 2010

Amazing 16

As Kentucky Fans are known to do, they've been flooding ESPN's latest promotion with their votes.

Over at the worldwide leader, has partnered with HP for a chance for Kentucky to earn $100,000 in contributions.

More information from one of our readers:

Although the Kentucky Wildcats are out of the Final Four tournament, Kentucky fans can still prove that the Wildcats have the ultimate fans and the winning school will receive $100K from HP (the other schools in the HP bracket are Ohio State, Syracuse and Duke – boo).

Show your support for Coach Calipari and the team by visiting the link below. It’s easy – score points for Kentucky by voting, leaving a message, or uploading a photo of you showing off your Wildcat pride. Photos get the most points, but every point is important so that Kentucky moves into the final championship game, proving that you have the best fans.

Thanks Stephen for the heads-up and all you Wildcat fans, head on over, vote, post, quit staring at Scott Van Pelt's bald head and then comeback and share any pictures with us- we'll post them for the world to see.

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