Friday, March 18, 2011

Yes we can... No Louisville Can't

Yes, my bracket had Louisville losing to Morehead State yesterday. I am a strong believer in "Game Theory" with brackets. You pick your wins/loses based on what your competition will do. Seeing as how 60% of the people in my bracket are Louisville fans that will pick them to make the Sweet 16/Elite 8 and I gave Morehead a 50% chance to win, it was a chance to make points up against the competition.

Yes, I gave the Eagles a 50% chance to win solely because I thought future 1st round NBA Draft pick Kenneth Faried was going to be a huge issue for Louisville. Faried is the all time NCAA leader in rebounds and that is a skill that transfers to any league, any level of play. Faried shot poorly, but he gathered 17 rebounds giving his team 17 possessions. More possessions equal more chances for points. More points... well you get it.

Yes, I did expect the rebound differential to be the difference. In 8 of Louisville's 10 loses, they were out rebounded. Yesterday, the tally was 33 to 27 in favor of the Eagles. Sometimes you don't need rebounds but when you shoot 36% and your opponent shoots 45% (and 40% from 3) you need more possessions.

And Yes, I really just wanted another reason to cheer against the Cards. My favorite part is Morehead will now face the Spiders from Richmond who beat the #5 seeded Vanderbilt.

And "Nooooooooooo!" was word being reverberated through Sports and Social Club yesterday as Demonte Harper nail the go ahead 3 pointer with less than 5 seconds remaining - while "Yesssssss!" could be heard whispered by UK fans in attendance, including a yes from this UK fan.

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