Friday, March 18, 2011

Know Your Enemy: West Virginia Mountaineers

Let's get to know more about the team that broke our hearts last year:

West Virginia Mountaineers:
Location-Morgantown, West Virginia
Enrollment- 29,306 rednecks
Famous Alumni- Barney Fife, the late Billy Mays, Jerry West, Pac-Man Jones, Kevin Pitsnoggle, and this guy who is the current school president.
School Motto- "If'n she is yo first cuzin' and she's of age, she's aight to wed and lock in a cage!"
All You Need to Know about West Virginia- You can see in this documentary trailer:

Things they Tell Recruits-
  • You think you can drink? Wait until you see coach Huggy Bear shotgun some Keystone Light and then you will think twice.
  • Do you think your sister is hot? If you do you can marry her and nobody here will look down on you.
  • If pyromania is your thing then we have a program for you. Professor Cecil B. Boone teaches a course on the most effective way to burn a couch.
  • Have you ever seen movie "Wrong Turn"? That was nonfiction and it was filmed just 4 miles away from campus. If you want to meet the stars of the movie I can introduce you!

Most Famous Sports Moment- You Just Got Pitsnoggled:

Reasons why Kentucky will Beat Them Saturday-

  • The Cats shoot a helluava lot better
  • Bob Huggins will probably be drunk and Coach Cal will not
  • Brandon Knight has a higher GPA than their entire team combined
  • Nobody wants to see burnt coaches in Tampa
  • We owe them for Boogie

I know Cal is only 1-8 all time against Huggy Bear but that's about to change. The Cats had a down game and there is only one way to go from here and that is up. Time to take out some rednecks.


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